The electrolysis hair removal system is the only technique that actually permanently removes hair. The technology has been around for over a hundred years, but has gotten new support and exposure in recent years and, therefore, has become even more popular than ever.

The method of electrolysis is a simple concept. It uses the fact that salt is already present in the skin to its advantage. The device that is used has a small electrical probe, which resembles a needle. The probe is connected to a machine that produces a small electrical current.

As the probe is inserted into a hair follicle, an electrical current is sent down the probe into the root. When the charge reaches the skin it mixes with the salt and produces sodium hydroxide or lye. The lye is highly corrosive and ultimately kills the root of the hair. Without the root the hair is not able to reproduce another hair.

The procedure is usually performed in spas or in private offices by trained professionals. There are also smaller machines which are similar in nature and can be used at home. But despite all of the positive attributes there are some things to watch out for.

For example, the technique only works on one hair at a time so the treatment for an area might take quite some time. The probe must be inserted in each hair for approximately one minute each so it usually takes multiple sessions to cover a small area. This can become quite expensive over time. Depending on the amount of hair that needs to be treated the total cost can run anywhere from hundreds of dollars to well into the thousands.

If time and money are not a consideration then this will be a great way to rid you of any unwanted hair. The procedure can even be performed on the face and neck. The only area of the body where this cannot be used is on the inside of the nose and the ears.

Both men and women can benefit from an electrolysis hair removal system. Women typically use it for their face, neck and even bikini lines. Men will want to utilize it for their backs and arms and any other areas where they want smooth skin to show off their physique. It is one of those procedures that can benefit both sexes and give great results to everyone.

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