Congratulations you have just joined a new gym. You have made a commitment to losing weight, gaining muscle, and trying to improve your body the best that you can. You have done your research and have a training program in mind that will help you to reach your goal. Purchased gym clothes are in you new gym bag waiting for your first day. You arrive, change, and then make it out to the gym floor looking for the first exercise equipment that you will use. That is when you see them. It would be hard not to see them. The muscle bound hulks of the gym. They are picking up amounts of weight that you are sure would crush every bone in your body. They are moving from apparatus to apparatus doing exercises that you have never seen before, and have no idea what it is doing to their body. Each of them are talking about training strategies and muscle groups that sound like a foreign language to your ears. Plus, they have their special blends of training supplements that they are drinking throughout their workout, while you just have a simple bottle of water (and you felt smart bringing that when you entered the gym).

It is daunting no matter how prepared you are to workout out next to the gym hulks. It is hard for you to be struggling with your fifteen pound dumbbell, while the hulk next to you is picking up a dumbbell ten times that heavy, as a warm up. Many times people will withdraw from the free weight section of the gym, and just use cardio equipment to avoid being around the gym hulks. Or they will still try to weight train, but use the machines that the hulks of the gym avoid.

It is important, no matter what shape you are currently in, not to be ashamed or bashful about using the different equipment in your gym. There is a reason that the hulks are usually in the free weight section of your gym. Free weight training gives you a much better resistance based exercise compared with weight training on machines. Free weights require you to balance the weight, which helps muscle growth, and you can’t cheat with free weights and over use your dominate arm/leg, which means that you will get an even workout. Don’t be afraid to go over and use the free weight, no matter how little you are lifting. What you have to remember is everyone started getting the benefits of weight lifting at some point in their lives. The hulks were once mere normal looking people like you and me. Plus, the hulks are usually very helpful if you have questions about weight training. Remember they have already walked the path (maybe at an extreme level) that you are about to walk. They will provide tips and techniques to improve your own results.

Just as you shouldn’t be afraid to use any part of the gym to train, you shouldn’t be afraid of using supplements, like the hulks, to get better results. Whey protein is an excellent product that will help you to gain lean muscle growth in your body. Your body uses protein to build muscle, and helping your body to have a high supply of protein will increase muscle growth. Muscle creation also burns large amounts of calories, which will help you to lose weight.

You might not want to turn into a gym hulk, but you shouldn’t be intimidated by their presence. Nor should you avoid using their knowledge and products to your advantage.

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