Is there a diet for rheumatoid arthritis that will reduce the effects of inflammation? Many people favor the argument that if you change your diet for the better, you can decrease the inflammation that is caused by rheumatoid arthritis. There are many valid points to this argument. Anyone who changed their diet for the better is bound to see positive results with their body. Rheumatoid arthritis is no exception.

Eating Right

Eating the things that are good for you makes your body function properly. Although you may not be able to reverse the damage that bad eating or obesity has caused, you may be able to slow down most of the negative things that are damaging it. A proper diet can work magic.

Technically, there isn’t a formal diet for rheumatoid arthritis, however, the things that are recommended for the people that suffer from this illness is no different from any other diet that is considered healthy. It would seem logical that a healthy diet would have this effect no matter what the circumstances. But luckily there aren’t any guarded secrets when it comes to the ingredients in this particular diet. They are basically the things that everyone should be eating in order to be healthy and live a long life.


Meats are protein and your body needs protein to survive. However, the types of meats that you should stay away from if you have rheumatoid arthritis are those that are high in saturated fat. Bacon and steak should not be a daily part of a diet for rheumatoid arthritis. These are very high in saturated fats. So it would be safe to say that you can eat meat if you are suffering from rheumatoid arthritis, but those with saturated fat will flare up your inflammation.

Omega-3 Fatty Acids

It appears that these acids can decrease the effects of inflammation in rheumatoid arthritis. A diet rich in walnuts, salmon, soybean products, flaxseed and tuna will greatly help to reduce the flare ups that are associated with this illness. Your diet for rheumatoid arthritis should be filled with omega-3 fatty acids.

Fruits and Vegetables

Fruits and vegetables are good for your body because they have properties that fight illnesses. In addition, they are filled with vitamin C and vitamin E which are antioxidants. These vitamins can help to build up your immune system. Fruits and vegetables should be a huge part of your daily diet if you suffer from rheumatoid arthritis.

So as you can see, as a sufferer of rheumatoid arthritis, you don’t have to do anything extraordinary in order to reduce the effects of your inflammation. A good healthy diet will start you on your way. Make a commitment to eat healthy things on a daily basis and you should slowly start to see some very welcomed changes.

If you eat a healthy diet, it should benefit you in two different ways. First, you will help to control the negative aspects of your illness. Eat the right things and you will decrease your flare ups. Second, you should also see a decrease in your weight. This will ultimately decrease your flare ups because there will be less weight on your joints. All in all, a diet for rheumatoid arthritis is a perfect way to produce positive results.

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