Winter is a wonderful season that brings joy and excitement into the lives of people all over the world. There is only one danger awaiting victims and that is influenza or a flue. This disease is widely spread all over the world and over the USA, but people do not seem to know much about the disease itself and the cause or consequences of being sick. This article is destined to give some additional light onto the problem.

Flu is contagious and every school child knows about it. This is the most widely spread disease in the world especially in the countries with moderate climate. The first symptoms are fever, cough and running nose. The overall exhaustion of the organism and constant state of sleep is the first sign that someone might have been infected. You may say that it I possible to leave and ignore the symptoms, letting your body recover naturally, but this is the type of disease that, when being untreated cause s severe complication and in the long run may result in a lethal case. The complications include pneumonia and tuberculosis. These diseases are also highly contagious and dangerous. What is also frightening about the picture is that there is no other prevention but vaccination. If you want to get vaccinated, there are a lot of things to consider. Vaccination has to be done two- three months before the possible outbreak of the flu. It takes months for the cells to work out the immune protection against the disease. There are also other ways to reduce the risk of getting infected. You must live a healthy life and get rid of all of your bad habits. They ruin your immune system and make you vulnerable. There are also some of the natural ways to protect oneself. Garlic is a powerful thing when it comes to diseases. Though it may seem tasty only for several people and only in the form of a good seasoning, it is extremely useful in forming an immune system against major infections. There are also some of the syrups issued by Swiss Companies that contain herbs that make immune system stronger. All the ways are good enough but the best possible way is to be careful and watch out for public places if possible, have an alcohol soaked wipes with you to disinfect hands and objects you work with. There still are some of the groups of people that have to be obligatory vaccinated. This helps to prevent the spread of the disease. Let us take a look at these people.

Any individual that I older than 54 is considered to be a member of a “senile community”. Their immune system is weak and needs help to fight the disease. Another group consists of small children that are under the age of 7. They are always in close contact with each other and a large group of other people, besides their organism is very vulnerable and can not form an immune system. Influenza prevention is a very important issue nowadays and the authority of each state develops new programs to improve the system of medical treatment.

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