If you don’t know what coral calcium is, it’s a type of calcium supplement that is made from coral (hence the name). Coral calcium is the hottest source for one of the minerals most critical to your bodys health. In essence, you can say that coral calcium is the same substance as the calcium you ‘ll find in your bones. Because coral calcium is ionic and readily bioavailable, it does not become a free radical in the process and donates electrons to repair the damaged cells.

The ability of Coral Calcium to help with the body’s balancing of the pH may prove to be one of it’s most important health benefits. Here’s a quick overview of Coral Calcium benefits:

1- Coral calcium has an optimal 2 to 1 ratio of calcium and magnesium, and it also contains trace minerals in perfect balance

2- The calcium, magnesium and trace minerals balance is in natural proportions to the human body

3- Coral calcium has the best absorption compared to other forms of calcium

4- Coral calcium has the highest HDL (good) cholesterol density

5- Coral calcium balances your pH levels for better health

6- Helps strengthen bones and teeth

7- Cleanse kidneys, intestines, and liver while breaking down heavy metals in the body

8- Coral calcium helps boost the immune system In a nut shell, there are greater advantages to supplementing coral calcium compared to other forms of calcium.

“Most health professionals recommend that you get your nutrients from your diet first, so calcium-rich foods are the first thing they recommend,” says Miller, who is a senior vice president of nutrition and scientific affairs at the National Dairy Council.

The category of nutritional supplements is definitely where you’re going to find those supplemental products that enhance health rather than harming your health in the way that patent medications do. If you want to exceed those requirements and actually have superior health (that is health that goes beyond just preventing disease and actually taps into the mental and physical performance potential of the human being), then you will need to supplement at very high levels. It’s just that if you’re looking for what’s truly healthy you’re only going to find them from the natural world and never from the world of manufactured, synthesized drugs.

If we don’t use food supplements to keep us healthy, we certainly cannot be healthy. Like many other supplements, we believe coral calcium is beneficial to your body in many ways. Also, if one is supplementing with whole food supplements, is it also necessary to supplement with calcium and other vitamins and minerals. Although much is known about most of the individual minerals in coral calcium in regards to human health, we don’t know much about the combination of all of them and how coral calcium supplements in general affect human health and disease. We do know that calcium and magnesium supplements have many health benefits.

Coral calcium is a valuable, holistic, mineral, dietary supplement which poses many important issues, ranging from discussion about our current mineral-depleted Western diet to concerns about the ecology and future of coral reefs.

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