calcium rich foods for Osteoporosis

With the many important functions that calcium provides, experts agree that calcium is one of the most important nutrients in the human body. It is said that almost 99% of the human body stores it’s calcium in two places, the teeth and the bones. Calcium aids in the contraction of muscles, the contraction of and expansion of blood vessels, the secretion of hormones and enzymes, as well as communication between the various sections of the central nervous system. In order that the human body functions at a high level of efficiency, the levels of calcium in the body fluid and tissues are closely monitored and regulated, keeping the body in the best health possible.

As time passes, bones are always a part of a continuous process of breaking down and reconstruction themselves. This process of breaking and building consists mainly of resorption and deposition of calcium into newly formed bone, with the end result bone formation. This process or balance of bone absorption and deposition begins to change considerably as the body ages, with more breaking down and less building as one gets older. When one is younger, there is more bone growth and less deterioration. When a person is in their middles ages then the process is more or less equaled out. The group that seems to be affected by more breaking down and less bone building are women in the post-menopausal period of their life. Because of this, osteoporosis can develop, creating weak porous bones that can fracture very easily. With the aid of calcium supplements, bone loss can be avoided and at the very least, delayed.calcium rich foods

The U.S. Surgeon General has warned that by the year 2020, more than half of the people over the age of 50 will be at risk for osteoporotic fractures. The Euro Medical Journal similarly foretells that by 2035, 45% of the Europeans will suffer from weak bone diseases. This is due in large part to the calcium deficiency, especially the deficiency that plagues Americans. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has found calcium and magnesium to be lacking in many age groups among Americans. One of the studies found that up to 87% of teenage girls do not receive their To enhance the opportunity for maximum absorption, many different forms of calcium are used to reduce or stop the overwhelming affect on any of the many various absorption mechanisms. The benefits of using a calcium supplement are proper bone health as well as bone density, both of which prevent osteoporosis. Recent research has shown that calcium citrate is a highly absorbable form of calcium. Besides preventing osteoporosis, calcium and magnesium has also plays an important role in muscle contraction and relaxation.

Take proper calcium tablets after consulting doctor for proper bone health, as well as good bone density. Osteoporosis is a very serious concern for many people and a daily calcium supplement can help prevent this debilitating disease. One bottle of Top Form’s Brittle No More contains 250 tablets, and if taken regularly can be very beneficial to you overall bone health. With the right workout, coupled with these calcium tablets, we here at Top Form Supplements are confident you’ll see improvements in your overall bone health, as well as the added confidence knowing you’ll be in top health both during and after all of your workouts. Please don’t hesitate to let us show you how good our product is. You won’t be disappointed!

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