If you are a woman and you want to stay fit and trim those excess fats, should you engage in bodybuilding? The answer is yes. In fact, bodybuilding is a better alternative to restrictive diets that emaciate your body, or resorting to surgical procedures to shed off excess body fats. However, women oftentimes do not consider weight training as something that is for them. Even of late, a number of women are still afraid to get involved in weight training. It is still by large perceived as a man’s exercise. Women who are involved in bodybuilding are even often misconstrued as tomboyish and testosterone laden.

Benefits of Bodybuilding for Women

There are multiple benefits for women who engage in weight training. First, bodybuilding is a good weight reduction exercise. Building muscles is a good way of burning stubborn and unwanted fats. Most often, women tend to approach weight reduction by limiting food intake. Some even resort to “crash diets” to achieve immediate results. These methods have been proven to be ineffective and unhealthy. Weight training is a better alternative as you can continue loading on the food that your body needs and craves without having to worry about adding another pound on your weight.

Good for the Heart

Secondly, weight training helps build a stronger heart. It improves blood circulation when done moderately. Good blood circulation is important in preventing usual causes of stroke such as the formation of blood clots in the arteries. Better blood circulation also ensures that body cells get enough supply of oxygen carried by the blood. Caution needs to be taken though as excessive weigh training can lead to over exertion that might stress your heart by having to keep a faster than normal pace with the body’s demand for more oxygen.

Lastly, weight training can help in the formation and strengthening of bones. As women get older, bone problems become more common. Women can prevent having a lot of bone problems by engaging in light weight training exercises prior to the menopausal years, when bone problems tend to worsen.

Men and Muscles

The most common misconception that women have with weight training is that this will make them grow muscles and therefore make them look like men if not oversized dolls. First, it is important to know that testosterone, the male hormone, is a big factor in the formation of bulky muscles. Women do not have much testosterone as men so it is unlikely for women to be able to grow muscles akin to those achieved by males on a bodybuilding regimen.

Bodybuilding is also not a weight lifting contest so you can actually do little to moderate weight training exercises to achieve well toned muscles without the bulk as commonly seen on professional bodybuilders.

It is also important to note that these professional bodybuilders follow a rigid regimen of calorie loading and intensive muscle workout to achieve such monstrous bulk. So, a simple workout at the gym for a number of days in a week will not turn you into a female Schwarzenegger. GP

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