Skin care and skin lotion cream - Natural Skin Care and Hypoallergenic

Body lotion and creams should ideally have zero toxic content as they generally seep through the interstices on your skin to find their way into your blood. There are body creams that are artificial and abrasive. There are natural ones too, which are incredibly effective but difficult to find in a general store.Body lotion and creams of a natural variety and especially if they are of an organic origin should contain a few elements that make a huge difference to their efficacy. Here we give you the name of 4 increasingly popular ingredients that good quality body creams use:

1. Vitamin E: The chief role of the Vitamin E found in nature is its incredible antioxidizing properties that free the skin from the constraints of age. Fine lines, age spots and wrinkles are done away with by virtue of this factor in your body lotion and creams. Off course oxidation is the chief reason behind skin damage or skin aging. The human body generally needs antioxidants. The vitamin supplements suggested by your doctor takes care of that. But pills are not enough for skin care. In fact they have to be supplanted with something that is directly applied to the skin. The creams in the market usually use artificially made Vitamin E which is hardly as good as the natural variety. The German company Cognis that is small in terms of distribution but does provide the manufacturer with the best kind of Vitamin E supplement.

2. Olive Oil: The main function of olive oil is to hydrate your skin and replace your dead skin cells by helping cell rejuvenation. The possibility of olive oil getting spoilt or rancid augurs a constant need of emulsification in the beauty acre products it is contained in. This oil is analogous to sebum of skin. OLIVEM 800 is the ideal ingredient. Also known for its antioxidizing properties, this ingredient can be found in some of the best natural body creams.

3. Jojoba Oil: Especially significant is its moisturizing properties which make them a great ingredient in body lotion and creams. The oil acts as an antioxidant. They are not excessively sticky or oily. The oil softens and smooths your skin. They also do not dehydrate your skin. Wrinkles and stretch marks and such other signs of aging are done away with this oil. Unlike petroleum based body creams, this oil does not seal skin pores.

4. Honey: This off course has always been known for its incredible positive on the human skin. Honey is often applied to wounds and incisions because of its antibacterial and antibiotic nature. In fact it is an antiseptic too. There is off course manuka honey from New Zealand that is a special kind of honey that has all the healing properties of honey in significantly greater degrees and more. This variety is also responsible for promoting skin renewal and leads to the formation of collagen and elastin, which are fibers that make the skin taut and does not let it hang with old age.

Do not assume that these 4 ingredients are must-haves for all body creams as there are many other alternative natural ingredients which are equally or even more effective. When looking for good body lotion and creams, you may want to consider a company that is also involved in vitamin supplement. This is because skin care is not just some outward glitz which usual body creams promise. Internal body health is just as important. Given the truckloads of money that goes into advertisement, do not expect the usual body creams in the departmental store to do wonders for you, as the money invested by the company concerned must have gone primarily into advertisement. Instead, go for a company that invest significantly in research. That’s where you would get the best body lotion and creams!

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