A workout followed by any body builder must be a properly planned program that gives enough attention to all the areas in the body and enough resistance to all muscle groups. It should contain all forms of exercises like cardiovascular rotation and weight training. There are various types of workouts for building your body.

The current position of your health matters a lot for devising a proper workout for building your body. Your body condition influences your susceptibility to an injury, and your recoverability from any other injuries. There is a certain limit up to which the body can take the workouts. It is always suggested to slowly increase your level of workout, start slow and keep reaching higher regions.

The personal goal is another factor that matters a lot when you begin to workout. It is always better to get your preferences right by deciding if you want an increase in the body mass, or lose weight or become stronger. If the workout is done depending on the goal, the chances to succeed are much higher.

Having a basic knowledge about the location of muscles is very important when you decided to workout. The basic idea about the location of the muscles will help you flex them to the maximum possible extent.
Regular body building workouts are generally done up to four days a week to start off with. The best days to workout are Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. Take off on Wednesday and weekends. Below is a good workout chart that will help you focus on all parts of the body:

* Day 1: Triceps, Deltoids
* Day 2: Traps, Back
* Day 3: -Rest-
* Day 4: Forearms, Legs
* Day 5: Biceps, Chest
* Day 6: -Rest-
* Day 7: -Rest-

This kind of a workout will make you stretch only one part of the body and it will give maximum recovery time for all the parts which gives a maximum potential for growth. It is important to give the correct recovery time due to the heavy workout, and it will heal your muscles between the workout sessions.
The progress needs to be kept note of regularly and all the exercises must be noted. This will give you a basic idea as to where you stand when you consider the strength potential. Changes can be made in these workouts to realize any personal goal of yours.

The workouts done to build your body vary with each person. But the basic workouts remain the same and it helps all body builders tone their muscles the way they want. Put the entire workout together to keep your body strong and fit.

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