Benefits of amino acids ?? health benefits of amino acids


Benefits of amino acids ?? an idea on benefits of amino acids to health

Do you know that AMINO ACIDS are the building blocks of the body? Amino acids are  not only limited to body building but also repairing tissue, formation of antibodies to combat invading bacteria and viruses and are part of the enzyme & hormonal system of the body other benefits of amino acid are building  nucleoproteins  like RNA and DNA, beneficial in muscle activities and carry oxygen throughout the body.


Amino acids are vital to our health next to water and forms greater portion of our body weight body. Amino acids are essential part of every cell of our body like organs, nails, glands, hair, muscles, ligament, tendons and other bodily fluids.


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There are 2 categories of 20 amino acids i.e, essential and non essential.


The Essential amino acids ?? Essential amino acids are those amino acids that are cannot be manufactured by our body, therefore, in order to fulfill you body need it is essential that you obtain them from your diet.


Non-essential amino acids ?? Non essential amino acids are those amino acid that are manufactured by our body, however, it is important that our body must have the right combination of essential amino acids and supporting nutrients in order to optimize healthy protein maintenance, therefore use of supplementation may be desirable.


In order to build various types of proteins which is used in growth, repair and maintenance of our body tissues these 20 amino acids are needed.


The Essential amino acids are

–                   Isoleucine.

–                    Leucine.

–                    Lysine.

–                   Methionine.

–                   Phenylalanine.

–                    Threonine.

–                   Tryptophan.

–                   Valine.


Note: – Histidine, is semi-essential which the body does not always require  from outer dietary sources.


The nonessential amino acids are:-

–                   Arginine.

–                   Alanine.

–                    Asparagine.

–                    Aspartic acid.

–                    Cysteine.

–                   Glutamine.

–                   Glutamic acid.

–                    Glycine.

–                    Proline,

–                    Serine.

–                   Tyrosine.


Carnitine, amino acid is not used by the body for protein- building, it is often used therapeutically.



Benefits of amino acids are:


?¢ Building cells and tissue repairing.

?¢ Assists with wound healing.

?¢ Essential for increasing athletic performance.

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