Ayurveda eye care and treatments explained

Eyes are rightly regarded as 'Windows to the Soul' and the precise meaning of this phrase would mean that you can look into the eyes of an individual and decipher the nature of the Soul! It is highly vital to recognise and practice the supportive Ayurveda Eye care tips and treatments for the health and longevity of the eyes.

In Ayurveda, the eye related disease is not restricted to the eyes itself, but is considered as a result of imbalance of the Doshas in human body. All types of eye disorders can be broadly mentioned under the comprehensive title of ‘Timira-Kacha-Linganasha’ complex. The modern day refractive error of the eye known as Myopia can be related to Timira or blurred vision which is the initial stages of eye diseases. Also, the eye disease like cataract which is the major cause of loss of vision is referred to as Linganasha.

Ayurveda and Eye Care

Ayurvedic Analysis of Vision Loss

According to Ayurveda philosophy, ‘Drishti dosha’ or the failing vision problem is believed to result from nervous debility and also from long lasting ailments of constipation and common cold.
Ayurveda believes that the root cause in most of the cases of failing vision, especially in the younger age, lies with habitual suppression or improper evacuation of the bowels as well as chronic cold and congestion. Therefore, Trifla or powder of the three Myrobalans (Aamla, Harad and Baheda) is recommended both for internal as well as external purpose. Other drugs of choice like Mahatriphla ghrita, Yashtimadhu churana, Saptamrit Lauha etc may be taken after consulting an Ayurveda physician. Particularly in case of chronic cold, there are some beneficial medicated oils that need to be deeply inhaled along with the therapy.

Ayurveda eye care and treatment

Panchakarma Ayurvedic Treatments for Eye Diseases

Panchakarma Ayurvedic treatments and procedures like Nasya Karma and Netra Tarpana / Netra Basti are generally followed for treatment of Eye disease as the nasal passage is considered the ideal gateway for administration of medicine in Urdhwajatrugata Rogas (Diseases related above the neck region).

Nasya Karma

Nasya karma is believed to be best suited for the Eye and ENT ailments. In the procedure of Nasya karma, there is instillation of herbal medications like oil, powder, and fresh juices through the nostrils to balance doshas from the head region especially head, nose and throat. This procedure is usually done for 3-7 days, where the prescribed drops of herbal medication are administered into each nostril. Thus, the Panchakarma Ayurvedic treatment of Nasya Karma is essentially the procedure of instilling medicines through the nasal orifice. The nasal orifices are believed to be the entrance of the head. The medicine instilled through them easily penetrates the Sringataka and spreads to the Siras (arterioles) of head (shira), eyes (netra), ears (shrotra), throat (kantha) and expels out the impurities.

Ayurveda eye care and treatment - nasya karma

Netra Tarpana / Netra Basti

Netra Basti is a simple and effective method to relax the eye strain. This Ayurvedic procedure includes keeping wheat flour doughnuts above the eyes and filling them with warm ghee. This Ayurvedic procedure of Netra Tarpana cools, lubricates, and rejuvenates the eyes and also improves the inner vision by clearing out the subtle channels associated with inner and outer perception. This helps to relax itchy and dry eyes. It helps to bring back brightness and clarity to the eyes as impurities are expelled out. It is also used to help early formation of cataract, helps with sleep, Glaucoma, Chronic Conjunctivitis, and promotes relaxation. The treatment is done by creating a pool of pure herbal ghee (clarified organic butter) over the eye. The eyes comfortably swim in the ghee for about 20 minutes.

Ayurveda eye care and treatment - Netra Tarpana

Netra Dhara

Netra Dhara is a special cleansing technique of pouring herbal decoctions in a continuous stream over the eyes for 20 minutes. strained eyes, cooling and refreshing, Delays cataract formation and helps in treating chronic Conjunctivitis and eye strain.

Ayurveda eye care and treatment - Netra Dhara

Ayurveda Eye Care Tips

According to Ayurveda, our eyesight is the product of Agni or the fire. Therefore it is particularly important to save the same from phlegm. Also, as the eyes are considered to be the windows to the soul and one of the main sites of Pitta dosha, it is believed that excess heat or fire element can accumulate in the eyes causing dryness, strain, blood shot, and diminished vision. With the overuse of looking at computer screens and detail work it is beneficial to give your eyes extra nutrition and rest with this eye therapy.
A few simple natural techniques must be practiced in order to keep our eyes healthy and strain free:

  • Daily eyewash has been suggested by Ayurveda sages since ages so as to be able to own the perfect natural vision life-long. As daily routine, eyes need to be washed with cold water. It is also suggested that prior to this act, the mouth be filled with water. This would make the eyes to be protruding out and better cleansing of the same could be accomplished.
  • Other than this, local applications of medicated Anjanas have been recommended so as to keep the eyes clean and eye vision sharp.
  • Adequate sleep is very important to keep the eyes healthy. With increase in number of gadgets like Mobile phones, T.V. and Computers, we are constantly glued to one or the other most of the times. A frequent break must be taken and we must avoid staring the screen for prolonged time. Frequent blinking of eyes is also essential to keep the eyes well lubricated. Rubbing the palms together and gently pressing on eyes also helps the eyes to relax.
  • Certain diets which are rich in Vitamin A and C are helpful in improving eye health. Fruits and vegetables which are orange or yellow in colour are good source of Vitamin A. Green leafy vegetables are important to improve vision. Ayurvedic herbs like Aamla and Triphala are beneficial to strengthen eye muscles and improve eye condition. Apart from these, certain techniques like gazing the rising Sun or a ghee lamp can improve vision.

Ayurveda Home Remedies for Eye Care

The juice extracted from the fresh fruit of Aamla is to be taken twice a day in a dose of 20 ml for the longevity of eyesight.

  • Regular intake of pepper powder with honey acts as a boon for recovering the diminished vision.
  • Rubbing the soles of the feet with mustard oil or ghee regularly may be of good help.
  • Being rich in vitamin A, Mangoes are a boon for the eyes. A regular intake of the same during the season is recommended for recovery from eyestrain.
  • Fresh juice extracted from properly cleaned Rose petals is believed to improve the eye vision. This can be used both for external and internal purpose.
  • Take regularly approx. half to one-teaspoon powder of the herb of Liquorice twice daily along with cow’s milk to improve the failing vision. This is extremely beneficial for the eyes. It can also to be taken mixed with honey or ghee.

Foods for Ayurveda eye care and treatments explained

Other Eye Care Ayurvedic Treatments

Ancient Ayurveda text also refers to Netra Kriya Kalpas – the Ocular therapeutics for eye disorders mentioned in the Ayurveda classics of Sushruta Samhita. These are the local external therapies (pertaining to site) administered based on the Clinical features and diagnosis along with treatment modalities like Panchakarma/detoxification and Internal Medications accordingly.

Ayurveda eye care and treatment - Netra Kriya Kalpas

The Netra kriyakalpas include, Aschyotana, Seka, bidalaka, Pindi, Tarpana, Putapaka Anjana.

  • Aschyotana- Medicated drops into the eye.
  • Seka- This is pouring of liquid in thin stream over the closed eye from a height of four inches height. Indicated in Inflammatory conditions (Pitta doshaVitiation).
  • Bidalaka- Application of a paste over the eye lids except the area of eye lashes. Best in eyelid disorders.
  • Pindi- Poultice i.e. drug, tied with cloth, kept over the eyes. Useful in abhishyandi (conjunctivitis) and vranas(Ulcers) of the eyes. Also beneficial in kapha pitta disorders.
  • Tarpana- Unctuous substance is kept on the eyes for stipulated period of time by constructing the wall around the eyes with flour. Indicated in all the degenerative disorders, Inflammatory & chronic disorders of the eyes.
  • Putapaka- Similar as tarpana, the medicine is extracted by a special method called Putapaka. This is usually done after Tarpana.
  • Anjana- Application of medicine to the internal surface of lid margin. Used as treatment & also as preventive measures. Useful in ocular growths, opacity, kapha predominant condition.

There are simple things you can do to keep your eyes healthy and make sure you have best of the visions of this beautiful world.

But how often do you get good eye care guides at a single page?

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