Asthma Ayurveda Treatment cure

Asthma is a common chronic inflammatory disease of the airways characterized by variable and recurring symptoms, reversible airflow obstruction and bronchospasm. Common symptoms include wheezing, coughing, chest tightness, and shortness of breath.

Asthma is thought to be caused by a combination of genetic and environmental factors. Its diagnosis is usually based on the pattern of symptoms, response to therapy over time and spirometry.

It is clinically classified according to the frequency of symptoms, forced expiratory volume in one second (FEV1), and peak expiratory flow rate.

Asthma may also be classified as atopic (extrinsic) or non-atopic (intrinsic) where atopy refers to a predisposition toward developing type 1 hypersensitivity reactions.

During a flare up of asthma symptoms  whether atopic or non-atopic, patients would benefit from taking easily digestible food in lesser than usual quantity. Lukewarm water should be used for drinking and washing purposes.

Home Remedy Ayurvedic Asthma Cure

Asthmatics must use buttermilk

Asthmatics dread taking buttermilk. But this can be overcome by adding a pinch of turmeric to buttermilk and heating it for a few minutes. This will help them reap the benefits of buttermilk as well as avoid the risk of catching a cold or formation of phlegm in chest.

Indian Cow Milk

People suffering from asthma can benefit from drinking boiled Indian cow’s milk (not jarsi) to which a pinch of turmeric, a few peppercorns, and small pieces of sliced ginger are added. Also taking soy bean soaked yoghurt is found to help improve the condition.

Vegetable Soup

One simple way to improve immunity in people with asthma is to take vegetable soup as detailed. A big unskinned potato, a small onion, one big unskinned carrot, three garlic cloves are cleaned thoroughly and allowed to boil in a litre of water. Once reduced to half, add salt and allow it to reach a lukewarm temperature. This is taken 3-4 weeks. This is found to improve immunity.

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Yoga Poses

Yogasanas help a lot in improving asthmatic conditions. Yoga mudra, paschimothasana, pranayama etc are all excellent postures and yogic exercises that can help people with asthma.

Eucalyptus steam

Eucalyptus steam inhalation is very beneficial in relieving nasal and sinus congestion. Asthmatic patients can try this process to loosen phlegm in chest as well as relieve congestion. Steam inhalation with crushed garlic cloves also provides the same effect.

Small onions

Small onions are boiled in water for a few minutes, then they are filtered out and crushed. The juice obtained from this boiled crushed small onions is then applied on the soles of the feet before going to bed. This process can be followed for a week or two for reduction in asthmatic symptoms.

People who suffer from cough and asthma can benefit from Ayurvedic preparations like Vyagradhi kashayam, dasamoolakaduthrayam kashayam. For this Vyagradhi kashayam 7.5 ml and dasamoolakaduthrayam kashayam 7.5 ml are added to 60 ml water (cooled boiled water) along with a quarter teaspoon honey and taken on empty stomach in the mornings and evenings. This should be taken for 48 days in a regular fashion. A strict adherence to this regimen results in reduction of eosinophil levels in blood. This also helps in relieving headache, cough, heavy headedness, tasteless tongue, irritation around eyes and ears etc.

Almonds (Badam)

People suffering from dry cough and asthma can benefit from the medicinal properties of badam (almonds). Seven to eight almonds are soaked in water. The outer skin is removed. A pinch of saffron (kungumapoo) or turmeric, seeds of 5-8 cardamom pods, two Java peppercorns, a pinch of camphor, sugar candy etc are added to milk and allowed to boil. This milk is taken for five days morning and evening on empty stomach, one hour before food.

For people with dry asthmatic conditions, vidharyadhi kashayam three spoonful, twelve spoonful of warm water, and two vayu guliga tablets are mixed together and taken on empty stomach in the mornings and evenings.

All asthmatic patients can benefit from taking agasthya rasayanam 5 gm before going to bed. These preparations are available at all leading Ayurveda stores, both online and offline.

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