What do you expect of your body creams? I think that body lotion and creams should do a lot. But, I also think they should be safe.

You might not be too concerned about safety, but think about it. Many of the chemicals used in body creams will penetrate the epidermis, the outermost layer of skin.

Those chemicals have been found in breast cancer tumors and other tissue. Surveys conducted by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have found that over 90% of the population has those chemicals in their urine.

The newest body lotion and creams are specifically designed to penetrate deeply. If the ingredients are not good for your health, you might not be able to enjoy how good your skin looks.

Body creams can do a lot for the appearance and health of your skin, as long as they contain the right ingredients. You can counter the signs of aging, prevent and correct free radical damage, fade stretch marks and scars, heal old wounds and prevent infections.

Maybe all you were looking for was an effective moisturizer. You can have that, too. Natural moisturizers are accompanied by numerous benefits, like the ones mentioned above. The typical is petrolatum and it won’t do anything except sit on the surface.

If used regularly, petrolatum and other petroleum derived body lotion and creams will inhibit the natural rejuvenation process, making your skin look older. According to respected dermatologists, it causes premature aging of the skin.

The best body creams contain jojoba. Jojoba oil is like a liquid wax. It moisturizes and protects. It also reduces wrinkles and stretch marks. It lightens scars and is beneficial in treating conditions like acne and psoriasis, primarily because it balances sebum production.

Sebum is the skin’s own oil. In conditions like acne, the glands secrete too much. In conditions like psoriasis, they secrete too little. If you have combination skin, like most of us, you can balance that out with body lotion and creams that contain jojoba.

Honey is another good ingredient to look for. Active manuka honey is the best. All varieties of honey have antibacterial or antiseptic activity, as well as antioxidant activity. Scientists have shown that manuka honey is the most active.

Only the best body creams contain manuka, because it is an expensive ingredient. But, those that contain it can help you protect the health of your skin.

In clinical and laboratory studies, body lotion and creams that contain manuka have been shown to support the cell renewal process, encourage the production of stronger collagen, improve elasticity and destroy free radicals.

It is free radical damage that leads to all of the signs of aging. It is also free radical damage that causes cancer. A word of advice; there are still some body lotion and creams on the market that contain oxybenzone, even though it has been shown to cause cancer.

Be sure to read the ingredients and know what you are buying. You want body creams that will support your skin’s health, not make you sick.

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