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Adam loved Eve and Eve loved Adam, and God gave them a garden to live in, called the Garden of Eden. The Garden had orchards with every sort of fruit tree, vegetable patches, and copses of nut trees. Apples grew there, bananas and figs, cauliflower, tomatoes and peas, walnuts and peanuts. In fact, all the fruit, vegetables and nuts that Adam and Eve could wish for. And the best part was, the vegetables grew without digging, and no weeds came. They didn’t need to dig, and they didn’t have to weed.

Adam and Eve ate no meat. In fact no animals ate meat, the lion lay down with the lamb. A high wall surrounded the Garden, which was also known as Paradise, meaning walled garden. Things changed when they were forced to stay in earth as the punishment.

The story of Adam and Eve sent down to earth from heaven quickly raises concern about their health and survival. How would two people who had been living in luxury throughout their lives – fare in the wilderness  without any food or supply and not even proper clothing? The possibility of their survival is almost zero.

That was the situation when Adam and Eve were sent down to earth. The earth was reigned supreme by wild beasts and poisonous snakes and dominated by extreme weather and diseases. This was an extreme contrast to the situation in heaven.

What Adam and Eve needed at that time was a lot of support  in terms of logistics and technical know-how. And those were exactly what they got.

Genuine Health Guide

Best Health Foods

In the scriptures of one of the major religions of the world there is a verse that describes the preparation for Adam’s journey to earth: “And God taught Adam the names of ALL objects and their uses.”

The verse may be short but it contains an important point. It says that for whatever mission and purpose man was sent to earth, he was provided with good logistics and a complete and comprehensive manual of life.

Basing their arguments on the verse, scholars say that man was already given the knowledge of all the sciences pertaining to the earth and the universe long before he was sent down to earth. He already knew how to build a fire, grow crops, tame animals, make clothes and erect buildings long before he came down to earth. More importantly, this knowledge included a very important aspect of life natural health care and natural medicine.

They argue that Adam already had the knowledge about herbs, roots and plants before he was sent down to earth and all the plants on earth were created as part of his logistics.

Adam and Eve might not need all this knowledge. Even we, in the midst of constant emergence of weird and unexplained new diseases, do not need to know about all the herbs that exist, much less Adam and Eve.

Being the first human beings Adam and Eve had the purest and uncontaminated genes. They were the most beautiful human beings. They had the best and most beautiful features. They had the strongest physical and mental. They had the strongest defense against all diseases. Nonetheless the knowledge on the cure of every disease was imparted to them. This is as if it was not meant for them but for their generations for us.

Genuine Health First Step

The first step towards achieving genuine health is to take advantage of the logistics. Eat these divine foods that are created by the Creator Himself and stay away as much as possible from foods modified by human beings.

Natural foods are the best for the human body. They are not second best. Moreover, they are a gift from Him and thus deserved to be treated like one. So use them appropriately and with gratitude.

Genuine Health Second Step

There is one query though. Why do people still suffer from ailments even though they have been eating good natural foods? If you have been eating correctly but the ailments still do not go away then there is something you need to do. Check the level of toxin that you are exposed to. Toxin acts against good health.

These dangerous substances could be in the food that you eat in the form of coloring, flavoring, preservative or taste enhancer. They could be in the medicine that you take. Another familiar source of toxic matter would be fragrances found in many soaps, shampoos, detergents and deodorants.

When these substances get into the human body then the normal body reaction would be to quickly dispose of these substances. Heartbeat and blood pressure as well as other bodily functions would increase.

The body is a superb machine. If left to itself, it can rebuild itself from the inside. But to be able to do so effectively the body has to be clear from poisonous materials.


There is no secret to getting a healthy body. Your body already knows how to stay healthy. Just supply it with high quality raw material it wants. Give your body good food and keep it away from toxic substances.

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