Women Bone Health

Bone health is one of the most important aspects of a women’s health. This is due to the fact that ignoring bone health may result in a lot of diseases and injuries, the most dreaded of which is osteoporosis. Although a lot has been said about the debilitating effects of osteoporosis, it may not be entirely too late to protect one from it.

Osteoporosis is the disease that is most likely to cause weak bones. It is more common in older people, especially women. But it is doesn’t have to happen to YOU when you get older. That’s because, for many people, osteoporosis can be prevented.

Most people don’t have the opportunity that you have right now: YOU can actually build denser, stronger bones now in a way that isn’t possible later. This will make you healthier, and it will set you up to have stronger bones when you are older – when weak bones can be serious.

The eating disorders anorexia and bulimia can weaken your bones and increase your risk of osteoporosis when you are older. If you have anorexia you become very thin, but you don’t eat enough because you think you are fat. Bulimia involves periods of overeating followed by purging, sometimes through vomiting or using laxatives.

You should talk to a parent, doctor, or health professional immediately if you have one of these disorders or if you stop getting your period for more than three months in a row (and you are not pregnant). This is a condition called amenorrhea and it is also bad for your bones.

Ways to Make Women’s Bones Healthier

The onset of menopause can truly aggravate bone loss in women. If untreated, it will lead in time to stooping posture, injuries, as well as possible damages to the spinal cord. However, there are ways by which a woman can prevent the onset of bone loss or at least minimize the damage. Here are some of them:

* Nutrition. This is the most important factor to consider for better bone health for women. Where nutrition is concerned, the diet should include calcium, iron, and potassium. These three nutrients are very vital for a woman to have good bone health. In their absence, the bones become prone to fracture and being weak in structure. Although these nutrients can be obtained from food supplements, doctors recommend that one obtain the fresh variety in the form of fish, vegetables, and fruits.

* Vitamin D. Vitamin D is obtainable from nature through fresh sunshine. However, there are other sources for them such as eggs, milk, and dairy products. When the body has enough vitamin D, calcium absorption becomes faster. In its absence, the body’s daily intake of vitamin C is rendered useless as this is not properly absorbed by the body.

* Regular Exercise. Exercising regularly helps strengthen bones. For best results, it is recommended that one exercise under fresh sunshine early in the morning. Because women are at greater risk to bone diseases, it is a must that they exercise regularly.

* Watching One’s Posture. This is one of the most neglected aspects of bone health. When people are still young, they seldom pay attention to their posture, reasoning that any wrong posture will do no damage to their young bodies. This belief should be eliminated because wrong posture can bring serious complications later. Moreover, when proper posture is not observed, the bones become prone to fracture that may cause internal infections and other grave consequences.

* Avoid Lifting Heavy Weights. While lifting weights make for good exercise, one should make sure that the weight is something that one can easily handle. In any case, it is often not the weight itself that counts but the repetitions made. For household chores, one should avoid lifting heavy loads that can cause a burden on the bones.

* Avoid Smoking and Drinking. These vices are known to weaken the bones by introducing toxins to the body. Moreover, they may deprive the body of certain nutrients that are very vital to bone health. Instead of drinking alcoholic beverages, one should consume fresh fruit juices.

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