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Eye care should begin at an early age, and should be part of your normal health routine throughout your life.

According to medical science, Eyes are the organs of vision and need consistent protection from dryness and strains.

Eyes detect light and convert it into electro- chemical impulses in neurons.

Eye strain is not avoidable in today’s life because all our work is locked around the technology. While watching television, computer or while studying or reading books for hours together eye strain will occurs naturally.

Eye Care Exercise

1.Rotate your eyes to relax.

2.Do simple eye exercise by moving eye ball to extreme right and left.

eye care exercise tips

3.Hold pencil at arm’s length and keep your eyes focused on it.Then slowing bring it to the nose.It helps to prevent blurred vision.

4.Wash eyes with cold water for sparkling eyes.

5.For Puffy eyes grate the potato and apply it on your closed lids for 20 minutes and relax.

6.Follow 20-20-20 Rule for healthy eyes. eye care exercisesBetween 20 minutes of work take a break for your eyes for 20 seconds and look at the objects at 20 feet distance.


7.Healthy diet is vital for good eyesight.

  • Vitamin A rich diet – papaya,carrot.egg,fish and milk.
  • Vitamin C rich diet – Orange,Lemon and other citrus fruits.
  • Green and leafy vegetables -particularly spinach,collards and Kale are very good for eyes.
  • Nuts – almond and cashews

foods for eyecare

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