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  1. I live in university housing and my allergies are killing me. Web MD suggests vacuuming &steam cleaning &washing linens often &replacing your mattress, etc but being in University controlled housing I don’t have access to laundry or steam cleaners the way homeowners do. Meds don’t work for me for some reason.

    Are there any remedies for me?

  2. My husband has mild allergies. We have two young children, so I opt for carpet in areas where it is possible. Are there certain types of carpet that are best for someone with allergies?

  3. moritz2ahle says:

    as i already said..if you show me how you burp i still might help you!

  4. I showed how I make myself “burp” and release the air in my chest, but I’m not going to actually show myself going through the process yet because I’m not sure how I feel about posting that here so soon. I don’t know if I’m ready for that yet. It’s pretty much exactly how I showed in this video, only air comes out.

  5. lfreeman2122 says:

    moritz, she isn’t confortable showing her burp, stop being a jerk! If you have any information then give it to her, there is plenty of disgusting things that you can watch on here, you don’t need to pester her.

  6. Thanks for making these videos, if only so I can know someone out there can relate. I always think of bulimics when I’m vomiting air because of the whole finger down the throat thing. I might actually make a video where I do the burp, just for giggles. Except sometimes, if I have a bunch of food in my stomach too, I throw up a little when I do it, which is the worst part for me. Ugh!
    That’s a huge bummer about your allergies. Do you take any allergy meds?

  7. sydsyd222 says:

    thats too bad,
    i hope you find some way to find some sort of cure for this.
    Take care !
    syd <3

  8. Bookaholic95 says:

    Your boyfriend and mum sound really nice