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  1. I have naturally blond hair which I have been dying extra light blond for the past 5 years. Recently, I dyed my hair to dark brown. After having an allergic reaction and realizing I wouldn’t be able to keep up the look (no way to dye my roots brown because of the allergy) I decided to use hair color remover. That turned it to a light ash brown. I tried to dye my hair back to blond after that, but the only part of my hair that turned blond was my roots. Should I keep trying blond hair dye on it? Use the hair remover again? Leave hair dye on for a longer time? Use heat? I really don’t know what to do. Has anyone had this experience before? Or if there are any stylists out there, I’d love to hear from you. Thanks a lot!

  2. We recently moved into an apartment in a very old house that was split into apartments some time in the 50’s. When we looked at the apartment the landlord told us that the lady downstairs was a nice, quiet, single mom. I asked specifically about washer/dryer hook up as this is a deal breaker for me. Landlord told me at the time that the lady downstairs already had a washer/dryer in the basement but that he would be more than happy to set up the plumbing so that we could put a washer dryer downstairs as well. I said we needed access to change the heater filter every month with the allergy ones as I have asthma, he said no problem. I asked about all the utilities, etc. He pays water, nothing else. He said that as for garbage removal, I would have to talk to the other tenant and arrange it through her. Some of the windows are cracked, broken and several replaced with just thin plastic panes (home depot 1/8 thick plexi-glass junk to give you an idea) you try to clean it and it bows in and out. Landlord says he would be replacing the windows. The previous tenants had painted the apartment horrible colors like blood red in one room, another had black walls. Landlord said he would pay for paint if we would repaint. These were the agreements upon moving in and we retouched them while signing the lease which I made sure that certain provisions were in it.

    For starters, the landlord has not honored any of my requests for a copy of our signed lease. We haven’t so much as received any copy of anything. Not even a receipt for our first month’s or deposit When I talked to the tenant downstairs regarding trash service, as instructed by the landlord, i was informed that I needed to pay her half of the trash fee and put my trash in her bin. I felt something was off so I called the trash company and I was told that this would fall under “theft of services” because I have to sign up for my own service AND on top of that, the tenant downstairs wasn’t evenpaying for service it was a previous tenants bin which was overdue! During the conversation about garbage I mentioned to the other tenant that the landlord said he was going to install a washer/dryer hook up for us, and I have never seen an adult woman throw such a tantrum! Not only do we not have w/d hookup as promised, we have no basement access at all…including the heater and breaker box. When it came time to turn on our utilities, the gas man had to go to the basement and pressure check the lines and the heater. The downstairs tenant wouldn’t let us/him in to do that. We called the landlord and he said he couldn’t get away and we should break down the basement door. If a circuit pops (it’s an old house, happens a lot) we are pretty much out of luck until the landlord can talk her into flipping it again, so we have gone for a day or more with only half the electricity in our apartment working.

    So now we get to the tenant downstairs who is NOT a nice, quiet single mom, she is an obnoxious bartender/stripper who parties more than most college frats! We are talking 3-4 times a week.Her favorite game is to blast her stereo at 3am, but only for 5 minutes so that if you call the police she can act all innocent and tell them you are harassing her. We have the top 2 floors and she has the lower floor and according to her (but not the landlord) the basement is also solely hers. You can hear the music/karaoke loud enough to hear every lyric clearly as if we were playing our own radio loud…..on the third floor with a whole floor in between. Her 5 minute blasts cause me 10 month old to wake up shrieking in terror! First our landlord said he would talk to her about it. Then he said she was being impossible and because she hasn’t paid rent for numerous months, was going to evict her. A few days later (after more nights of her blasts) we were told he gave her notice to be out by Dec 1. Then we were told she got a 3 day pay or quit. Then we were told he had to go through the whole process with the sheriff and now it wouldn’t be until January 1 to get her out.

    Then today….when we complained about last night and asked what the latest news was we were told…cough cough…..he is renewing her lease!!!

    Please please please, how do I get out of this lease??? Is it possible, is my landlord actually not in compliance? I have been reading the statues for tenant’s rights in Nebraska but I know they can be all about interpretation. Somebody please help.

  3. This dude is wild!!!