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  1. gmanrios9316 says:

    first comment bitches!

  2. bobendoodle says:

    This is my favorite song by them. 🙂

  3. LesPaulCoaster says:

    definately my favourite song by them

  4. Urotsukidoji23 says:

    I agree with all of you, STW is awesome!
    band with the bast pig squeals

  5. TheAutopsie says:

    the is sick i lov it

  6. Brzrkr667 says:

    sickest deathcore band ever! too bad of the new material… but hey, this is still around 😛

  7. getsuga09 says:

    Damn, I’m really gonna miss these guys when they split up.
    Gonna try to go to their last show at Peabody’s in Cleveland Ohio on January 9th, I want to see them at least once before they break it off.

  8. This is brutal! AWESOME!