Red, Swollen, Burning and Watering Eyes:What Your Allergist Did Not Tell You I saw Jane recently. She looked younger than the last time she was in my office. Her eyes were clear, no dark circles, redness or puffiness. When Jane first came to see me she looked liked she hadn’t slept in days. Her eyes were swollen, red, watering, burning and itching. Actually she had slept well 2 nights before. She had done a little extra cleaning under the stove and refrigerator the day before. Her eyes started to feel irritated that evening and by the next day she looked like “hell”. (Her own description) Along with the watery eyes was the runny nose and dark circles under her eyes. We did not take a photo although she now wishes we had. This was a frequent occurrence for Jane whenever she was exposed to dusty situations, or ate a couple of different foods, or the weather got dry, or a friends wore certain perfumes. Many normal events in our lives caused her to react. She had learn to cope somewhat yet was tired of feeling like she was always on guard. She would miss several enjoyable events each year out of fear of her reaction. In about two months she had discovered a normal way of life. She now suffers little or no allergy eyes.

What we found was simple and had dynamic results. I am Dr. Darrel Hestdalen and in over 30 years of clinical experience I have seen many patients similar to Jane. Using a natural approach to work with the body always has made more sense for me than to cover symptoms. Covering symptoms mostly ignores the underlying causes. We made a few enjoyable changes in her life style that helped her function at a higher level and reduced stress on her second brain. This also reduced her toxic body burden and improved her immune function. The second brain is the complex nervous system that controls our digestion and coordinates the harmony of the internal organs and immune system. The second brain is not everything, yet everything depends on the second brain. To speed her recovery she stimulated the Second Brain Energy Formula a few times per day for the first week and then as she felt the need. We stimulated the points in the office and she continued once an hour for the afternoon and evening. She reported her eyes were much improved by bedtime and she slept well. By morning she reported her eyes about 90% better. Most recently she has incorporated a couple of dietary changes that have helped even more.

What did she do? She switched to olive oil rather than other plant oils and added fish oil. Jane now enjoys not having to be on guard for dust, perfumes, chemical odors and foods that used to trigger her allergies. She is cautious out of habit yet rally enjoys the freedom to live without fear of sudden allergy reactions. People with this more or less reactions like Jane can relate to the loss of freedom to do many activities. The ancient masters understood the 7 secrets of the second brain. I was fortunate to learn these years ago and with the freedom and power of the internet can share this with thousands of allergy suffers.


  1. I’ve developed a red rash on my face and think it might be from an e-cig liquid PG or VG in it. I’ve been to doctor twice and they gave me ProTopic and some Antibiotics. Neither have worked so far. If i go to an Allergist, and bring the PG and VG e-cig liquid, could they test it with me to find out which is causing the face rash?

  2. davemc74656 says:

    I have been coughing since June 2009, and I have an appointment to go to an allergist tomorrow, the appointment is apparently two hours long, and I have been told that it is going to hurt from them scraping my back and many other things. Is it really that bad?

  3. kevindiking67verizonnet says:

    Spring is here, and yesterday I started sneezing. I’m thinking about investing a few hours looking into allergists. But, before I do, what’s the bottom line… I mean:

    What can an allergist do for me; and what is it going to cost?

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