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  1. 15shooto15 says:

    wow thanks.. its good that u tell what those things r good for

  2. ercan4444 says:

    Excellent, well done.

  3. Faithangel377 says:

    Jason…thank you for your video 1 and 2….it is of great interest to me and will incorporate what you have shared into my own life and will share it with as many as care to listen…..God bless you sir….keep up the good work .

  4. sbarraclough says:

    Hey just wondered why you didnt add fruit to it other than tomatoes?

  5. TheUntouchables6 says:

    Fruit is basically acidic. If you really want to juice for health you will lighten up on the fruit. It is good for you but fruit is acidic and spikes insulin levels. Again, it’s not a foreign object, but veggies do not excite your sugar levels. The carrots he used make it sweet and they too raise insulin levels a little. Still it’s better than High Fructose Corn Syrup.

  6. scorpiopatty33 says:

    Really Great Video!

  7. All of these things may be very healthy and good for you, but they cannot cure diseases. Get a grip.

  8. gatavampiresa2002 says:

    Very helpfu video!!!l Thank u!!! 🙂

  9. langsmiles says:

    ahahah TeriMR, c’mon! yes they can… I cured GERD with carrot & apple juice!

  10. danzilla777 says:

    carrots are not nasty……carrot juice…..grapejuice……orange juice…. with strawberries …mix em up in a blender……mmmmmm….

  11. Totally agreed! I use a blender instead of a juicer though since I don’t want to waste the valuable fiber.

    I feel better than ever! More energy during the day, no more acid reflux, I can even exercise properly now! And my allergies are way lower now compared to before.

  12. mlmnetworx says:

    Hi, I come across your video and I find it really inspiring Great job!~Danlambeth

  13. Hi, You are indeed serving Humanity. As the last Messenger to Mankind said: “Indeed God the Most High, did not send down a disease except that He sent down for it a cure, except death!” Keep up serving Humanity. You will taste the fruits of your efforts, God willing!

  14. SwissShredder says:

    I really like your videos. Are you possible going to make more soon?

  15. I don’t believe just alone juicing veggies can get rid of cancer. I knew two people in my life who passed away from cancer. 1 my mother, she was the biggest fan of eating veggies and juiceing every morning. 2 a friend of mine who was a vegetarian all her life passed away from pancreas cancer. I believe we should eat more veggies or juice them for the fact the body can get great energy and help strengthen immune system however getting rid of cancer…please your only misleading the public.

  16. marcusjansen239369 says:

    absolutely correct! Look up Dr Rath, Dr Pauline, leading genius’s on the topic!

  17. planes100 says:

    very good video cheers from australia

  18. Forsure3333 says:

    Today I made a juice. Turnip ($0.10), persley ($0.10), two tomatoes ($0.60), kale ($1.00), beets ($0.15), and celery ($1.00). All that gave about two big glasses for appromixately $2.75.