Michael Savage on Gluten Allergies

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  1. sakyue1993 says:

    and why allergy medications are so popular in the USA? why not so popular in Britain and Europe? do they not get allergies there? why not?

  2. Jonny says:

    I bought a dog, but am having pretty bad allergies. I do not want to go the allergy shots route, or constantly take medication, or have to limit how I play with him. I’m suffering now, but am wondering, if over time, I may build a tolerance and grow immune to his dander, saliva, and other allergens? I recall I used to go to my friend’s house a lot, and had real bad allergies from his cats. But over time, the allergies became a lot better. I thought it was because I built a tolerance to them.

  3. fedorvonbock16 says:

    check out my playlist

  4. hitmanlover says:

    its good to hear dr savage talk about helth and foods. i get my diets from him i trust him he knows what the hell hes about.

  5. LoneStarPatriot says:

    smokarino Sniffaroo!!! haha

  6. nanquan491 says:

    lol I love the pictures you match up to the clips as Michael talks 😀

  7. chattingcat says:

    LOL. It is getting ridiculous. I can’t watch local TV anymore because they ARE always telling us someting is wrong with us. One of the local newscasts actually has a segment called “What’s Ailing You?” I have to change the channel because it angers me. My attitude is NOTHING’s ailing me. I’m VERY WELL, thanks. Try telling people they’re healthy. Maybe they WILL BE:)

  8. revacohen says:

    My belief is everything in moderation. Obviously, if you have diabetes, should be careful about your carb intake, but if your perfectly healthy, I see no reason why you can’t enjoy everything in moderation. Everything’s bad these days.

  9. takerdust says:

    Michael Moore is searching for glutton-free 800 calorie burritos.

  10. martysoffice says:


  11. martysoffice says:


  12. 3rdWorldInvasion says:

    lol @ the pics!

  13. imitator777 says:

    i loved this segment

  14. apJAzzfusiondruMmer says:

    moderate my nuts

  15. tobiascdngustaf says:

    There really are people allergic to wheat and/or gluten.

    But I agree that most people who THINK they are allergic are probably just SENSITIVE to it.

    I am sensitive to wheat. But I do not have Celiac disease–if I did, I would get VERY sick when I ate gluten, not just have sore joints.

    There is some truth to what he says–but also some truth to wheat allergies. Just in MUCH smaller numbers than people claim.

  16. tobiascdngustaf says:

    Well said!

    Yeah what a negative segment title that is!

    I have many health problems–I could think of them as “ailing me” but instead I think of myself as HAPPY and–gasp–I AM happy! Nobody is 100% healthy. But a positive attitude like yours goes a long way!!

  17. cliffw77 says:

    I personally think Michael Moore eats babies..I plan to do a documentary on that…should make about as much sense as bowling for columbine. maybe I’ll leave a picture of a baby on his doorstep

  18. nyalcin07 says:

    Thanks for sharing! I love the pics

  19. takerdust says:

    Wall Banger just had Token conservative chick from the view to promote her stupid glutton-free book.

    I had glutton-free pasta and bread. Worst thing I tasted.

  20. segdirb7 says:

    I have a number of friends who have been tested as either Celiac, gluten intolerant, or gluten sensitive. They are three different immune reactions to gluten. And they feel *terrific* once they avoid it. A number of parents of autistic children are getting great results. The *science* (not Michael’s “gut feeling”) confirms this is real.

    So, no surprise, M.Savage is simply ignorant of the current research that backs this up.

  21. twosocks1976 says:

    OK, I am speaking in generalities here, but I for one am damned sick and tired of those with an adjenda regarding what I eat trying to scare me into eating the way they want me to eat. There is almost no real scientific discovery any more; it’s all manufactured garbage to terrify me so I won’t eat something that someone else finds repulsive. Just eat what you want and leave me the hell alone! Shit…damn near everything in my kitchen is supposed to kill me? Shut up already!

  22. wilhelm1974 says:

    I eat air sandwiches…mmmm

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