Medical bracelets and jewelry

Medical bracelets and jewelry are vital for special medical conditions such as diabetes, heart conditions, epilepsy, implants, alzheimers, allergies, special medications and many other special needs. All our products bear the official universal emergency medical alert symbol designed by the American Medical Association in 1963. All are custom engraved with your medical and contact information and all bracelets are engraved on both sides. (tungsten bracelet ,ring,pendant)

Included in our product lines are the gold filled and sterling silver bracelets which are excellent for dress occasions. The Black Hills Gold necklaces and bracelets are stunning 10 and 12 karat jewelry pieces with gold filled engraved inserts which can be updated if your information changes. They are much more beautiful than the photos. Another line is our sturdy combination sterling silver and high polish stainless steel bracelets which give you a classy look for half the price. The beautiful hard fired enameled necklaces are a real bargain. They have a unique feature of easy-to-read backs. And the charms are very popular. Many of our customers do their own beaded bracelets and our sterling and gold filled charms go nicely with their designs.

From what I can gather Swarovski crystals are made from glass using a patented technique which was invented in Austria, basically a special way of cutting the glass. A lot of the beads are simply glass beads which have been cut in this fashion, but you get a huge number of swarovski charms, which essentially inset swarovski small swarovski crystals into charms, normally solid silver, although I think I’ve seen some silver plate ones too.(tungsten bracelet wholesale)


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    i am neither engaged or in a relatonship. my ring finger keeps itching. is there an old wives tale?

  2. my stepmom keeps getting on my case about wearing a med alert necklace or bracelet. she is a rn and is always giving me advice. do you think its really necessary? how many of you out there wear one regularly?

  3. I have seen several mission bracelets made of 550 cord that soldiers wear who have served in Iraq and other places. They are hand made out of different colors of 550 cord. Most have a coin as the center piece. I would like to make them but don/t know how.

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