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There are many different types of headache, such as cluster headaches and migraine. However, the vast majority of headaches are caused by muscular tension with the pain ranging from mild to severe. Before rushing for the painkillers, try using a head massage, this is very effective treatment for tension headaches. It not only eases the pain, but can also help re-educate the body so that it has a more relaxed response to stress and does not automatically tense up.

The agonising pain associated with migraine has been reported for centuries. Whilst many studies have been performed, migraines are a poorly understood condition affecting millions. Massage therapy has long been described as a non-invasive way to manage pain and bring about some degree of relief for the migraine sufferer.

Migraine and Massage

Migraines can attack for a variety of reasons, including things like hormones, stress, hunger, weather changes, visual or auditory stimuli, change in sleep patterns, medications, certain smells, certain foods and additives or allergies.

Typically, migraines are treated with prescription medications. However, improper or prolonged use of medications can actually perpetuate the pain. The best treatment for migraines is promoting an optimal environment.

How Can Massage Help?

Massage, coupled with an in-depth look into lifestyle habits and environmental causes with positive actions to take control over triggers, can alleviate pain, decrease the duration or intensity of pain – even eliminate the migraine.

Headache treatments are best done with your partner and as touch is the language of lovers, enjoying massage with your partner will not only reduce or alleviate your headache but add another dimension to your relationship , becoming part of intimate exchange and a special way of spending time together.


  1. ive been searching forever for massage therapy scholarships but a lot of them are just for specific schools,,,,any help? thanks

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  3. Harriet W says:

    I am 34 years old and have had migraines since I was 18. I’ve had headaches as long as I can remember. I get a migraine if I don’t eat, high stress, that time of the month, during the summer heat and fall weather changes. Those I have noticed to be my triggers. I get light headaches almost daily that I just live with. The light headaches as I call them are just an annusance headache that come and go through out the day. I can function with them.
    When I get a migraine I take an Imitrex injection and most of the time they go away.
    Here’s my problem, I’m on day 8 of either a migraine or a different type of headache. It is left sided. My left side of the head feels like its going to burst. My eye socket is very sensitive.(this isn’t unusual though, even if I don’t have a headache it hurts)actually my whole left side of the face hurts to touch. I have alot of tension in my neck and shoulders(I have had tension for years). I can feel sharp pain at the temple region and the top of the left side of my scalp is sore to the touch.
    I take 100mg of topamax twice a day.(this med is reduce the frquency of migraines) 250mg of magnesium daily. 1 multivitamin daily. 40mg propranolol twice a day.

    Before I went on Topamax I used to get migraines almost daily. I have been on this medication for probably about 6-7 years.
    For the current headache the last 3 days I have taken Imitrex shot. Which would only lighten the headache. I have tried excederin migraine, vanquish, ibuprofen, and Valium. Nothing has worked.
    It will be real bad but then at times it lightens up, but then it comes on strong again. The weird thing is when I wake up in the morning i don’t have a headache! But within 15 minutes, it’s on!
    I have also been applying tiger balm to my neck and shoulder. I also use ice packs on my face.
    Over the years I’ve done bio feedback, chiropropractor(made me so much worse), physical therapy, accu puncture, I get frequent massages.
    I would just like to know if this could be a cluster headache, or tension headache, etc. And some advice on what you gyes do for headaches that last for days. And yes I know to contact my neurologist which I will do tomarrow because it is the weekend.
    I just want to know what other migraine and headache sufferers take? I feel like I have been a ginnea pig, I have tried numerous medications, and so many have not worked! And for me topamax has decreased them the most but it has a horrible side effect for me, my memory is horrible!! So please help. I understand what works for someone won’t work for you.
    I have had no recent changes in my life style. Just a little added stress at work. But nothing else has changed.
    Thank you for any responses.
    Yes I did Botox injections. They helped where the injections were given. It was weird because I’d have head and neck pains in weird spots where there was no Botox. But it did work in certain areas. Thanks.

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