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  1. and why allergy medications are so popular in the USA? why not so popular in Britain and Europe? do they not get allergies there? why not?

  2. This is so, so very true.

  3. she just did an impression of my sister and her friends. It’s oh so depressing and yet so brilliant.

  4. im the manager of a dunkin donuts and she hits the nail on the head with this shit…..sooooooo true

  5. This is the funniest thing EVER!!!!!! ^_^

  6. RadicalRachel33 says:

    Can I ask you a question really quick? XD

    I love her face when she says thank you at the end :D:D

  7. belch1221 says:

    I love Maria. In other verisons of of this bit, she adds “I want have a cup of boiling, hot water with ice, but I don’t want the ice to get all tiny”.

  8. noEvilproductions says:

    lol yeah. She also adds “I’d like it separatated into 14 quadrants, which I know is impossible, but do it. But not on a plate. I’d like it dropped from an altitude of 10 feet, into my hands, with an attitude of regret.”

  9. CrescentNoon says:

    lol, the person who posted this used ‘Emulsified Turkey Burger’ as one of the tags.

  10. Kroenen117 says:

    where they cloistered?? noo? ok! no i dont want it now..

  11. ragemanchoo82 says:

    This is an abbreviated version of the joke. Funny, but the version where she talks about the sandwich cut into quadrants and dropped into her hands with a sense of regret is hysterical

  12. ragemanchoo82 says:

    Belch do you know if anybody has added that version? That’s the one I’m looking for. And she talks about the sandwich cut into quadrants and dropped into her hands with a sense of regret, its hysterical

  13. DarlingNikki0 says:

    she reminds me of Parker Posey so much as she does this impression.

  14. Heronymoi says:

    Oh I know, That is absolutely hilarous!

  15. drewnwalker says:

    Sooo true. This could probably have been a starbucks joke if you tweak it just right.

  16. drewnwalker says:

    i.e. about the coffee shops and the people there, and not just LA. lol, oh you high-maintenance ppl…

  17. anidiotboxx says:

    Her impressions of everyday humans and not celebrities, are so amazing.

  18. sharkboy85 says:

    yeah she is like that yuppie chick from “best in show”

  19. Stubbynator says:

    This is chick is so fuckin funny XD

  20. bananamanfan007 says:

    haha, i love the description:
    “she funny”

  21. BeccaLaughsAtBecca says:

    I love Love LOVE the version of this bit she does on her half hour Comedy Central special. Maria Bamford is brilliant!

  22. kirkkitsch says:

    Oh god, she’s totally captured the whole vibe of those high-maintenance types. Hilarious!