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  1. Sergeant Pickle says:

    I have outdoor/indoor allergies and I absolutely HATE them. Yesterday, I was filming a video. After the video, I got an allergy attack. I used Zyrtec but it didn’t help me out so much. Usually it works, but at times it doesn’t do anything to help me. Any suggestions on what pills to take for my allergies?

  2. I get pretty bad spring and fall allergies. I take Claritin D for them. But every morning, I wake up and my throat is sore from my nose draining into it. The soreness usually lasts a few hours, then it happens again the next day. Is there any way to prevent this? Or at least help it?

  3. englishwithtony says:

    thank you for sharing videos . But you guys talked so fast

  4. Good speakers & good concept & good topics, but you need subtitles. A natural native speaker’s pace [especially by young people from a city] is really too fast, even for many uni and advanced ESL students.]