Help The Animal Shelter 6: Dog Allergies

4 Responses to Help The Animal Shelter 6: Dog Allergies

  1. AbbasGrl says:

    Poor Lewis…he seems to so not want to be there. LOL…or maybe he’s just remembering some unpleasant itchy memories.
    He’s adorable.

  2. karisophy says:

    i have a quation so can anyone help me? my dog has bin doing some strang sneez tipe thing. it looks like shes trying to blow her nos and then lick the bugers that come out off of her nose. well i tryed seeing if she has distemper but the only sine that she has that is the nose thing….she only dos it once in a wile though not like the dogs iv seen with distemper….im woryed and right now wir in a shlump so we cant take her to the vet at the moment….help!

  3. martha2004 says:

    what about benylin? what is the right dose?My pet licks her paws constantly, i think is allergies accordingly to information find on the web.

  4. TheLifeIllusions says:

    I have a 6 months old shih tzu and 1 week ago he started to show some food allergy signs.I gave him a special puppy dry food which contained chicken from the time i had him and after the allergy signs our vet gave us 3 days ago an hypoallergic food but when he eats that food he immidiately starts to sheeze and he starts to rub his face on the wall for 1 minute. Why is he doing it if the food is hypoallergic?Please help !!!

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