430 Sex Positions [$4.99 only]

  • If you want to get closer to your partner, spice up your love and sex life, then you need to add variations to your interactions and sexual intercourse positions. You need to know about positions that help in achieving intense, quick or delayed orgasms. 430 Kamasutra Sex Positions shows colorful 400+ pages detailed ebook about unique sex poses for mind-blowing ecstasy to you and your lover. Add new flavor daily for 430 days, only at $4.99 not $12.99 for today.


  1. I’m not aware of any allergies but lately at certain times of the day, mainly after 2pm, I struggle to take deep breathes. It’s like there are weights on my lungs that won’t allow them to expand and it takes 1o minuutes to get a good breath in. Should I see a doctor?
    If I’m not experiencing the breathing problems when I visit, will they still be able to see the problem, or at least give me a treatment option?

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