food allergy treatment

The truth about food allergy tests, food allergy diets, food allergy treatments and food allergy symptoms. How can functional medicine be used to treat food allergies? What is a food allergy? Food Allergies can cause rashes, hives, swelling and other symptoms.

Once you have been diagnosed with a food allergy, talk to your doctor about how allergic reactions should be treated. Have your doctor create a written Food Allergy & Anaphylaxis Emergency Care Plan so that you and others will know what to do in the event of a reaction.

Mild to moderate symptoms (e.g., itching, sneezing, hives and rashes) are often treated with antihistamines and oral or topical steroids.

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  1. r u sure ur not sensitive to dairy?
    there’s a lot of people who are

  2. alaurena77 says:

    What I thought was “hay fever” and “seasonal” allergies, was actually an allergic reaction to food. After discovering that I had antibodies to soy, wheat/gluten, dairy, and eggs, I eliminated them from my diet. I no longer have allergies and also my mood was affected positively from removing the foods that caused a histamine reaction.

  3. agaragarlove says:

    I have am allergic to eggs:[

  4. agaragarlove says:

    I am allergic to eggs:[

  5. KnowledgeIsPower11 says:

    yummyy GMO’S i love them!! hahahah they’ve been fukcing up america for the past 20+ years!1 Greatt.. now everyone is super sick from allergies to cancers to heartattacks… its too funny.. funny to see all of these zombies eat that shit and dont ask one damn fucking question… too FUNNY! forget the ignorant… they dont want to stand up with Truth nor Reality.

  6. SpiritedFirefly says:

    Allergy Shots.


    We use Autonomic Response Testing for food allergies and we often find things that even blood test wont show. It is because the body is so stressed from the substance that the body no longer able to produce antibody therefore the iIge test not accurate but it shows up in ART right away.

  8. TrimTOODLE says:

    iv’e hay fever..thats it i think

  9. CrowdPleeza says:

    Does anyone know if Cholinergic Urticaria or hives caused by heat is related to any food allergies?

  10. ronaldreika says:

    when you find out let me know.

  11. FINALLY! A Doctor who knows what they’re talking about!! THANK YOU VINCENT! I have been searching and searching my whole life (i’m now 27) for answers to why I’m always having allergy attacks. Most Dr’s just try and give medicine. I always believed food has so much to do with it! I think I need to come to Austin ASAP!

  12. ZaimenKesy says:

    OMG I’ve being having this for about 3 years , but now it’s worst…is like any anti-histaminic is doing anything…can anybody help me???

  13. I been having eczema for two years now, I really hope it’s just an allergy caused by some food and if I stop eat something it will just go away. I’m really sick of it.

  14. lamusica164 says:

    yo. look up NAET (nambrudipad’s allergy elimination tequnique). My mom does this and has been lactose intolerant her whole life, she gets treated and now she can eat like, whole milk icecream. it’s incredible. Plus, NAET also treats for eczema and any other symptoms or illnesses. It’s been known to treat Alzheimer’s and other brain disorders. Try it!

  15. rezapormi88 says:

    thank you. this helped A LOT with my understanding of my food allergies… all friggin 16 of them that i just recently found out about…

  16. I really like how this doctor talks, there should be more doctors like him.

  17. barbfeick says:

    One of the major causes of food allergies is vaccinations! Peanut oil is a SECRET INGREDIENT in vaccines. The trace amount of peanut oil and aluminum together cause peanut allergy. Search the internet and you will find out about this.

  18. rezapormi88 says:

    idk i was having random reaction (mostly my throat swelling up) and had no clue what was causing them. so i went to an allergist and did a skin prick test n he told me to stay away from them… no more reactions 🙂 … VERY difficult tho. but some of them have gotten better bc i started experimenting with how much of something i can have.

  19. WestSideCoolidge says:

    Im lactose intolerant too and even taking these pills I still got stomach problems and what not. I know Dairy products have cause my eczema because there came a time when i stopped caring and just wanted to eat anything and everything. Now I have Eczema on my face -_-

  20. MelissaDotBartley says:

    I am almost positive that I sensitivity to wheat or gluten. When I stopped eating it, my dermatitis on my face cleared up. I recently had the blood test for gluten and it came out negative.Since then I started eating wheat again and I think it’s been making my allergies worse and I feel fatigued and sluggish. What else can I do?

  21. actually, I am too.

  22. happysad321 says:

    @MelissaDotBartley I had a coeliac blood test a couple of years ago and it was negative. However symptoms persisted and got worse and because my dad is a coeliac a different doctor did the blood test again and I AM a coeliac! Apparently you can often get a negative result first time so ask for it again!