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  1. Mak Sultan says:

    How to fight with massive allergies during the last three months of pregnancy?This is the seventh months pregnancy of my daughter.
    I want to tell that it is irritating skin rashes/allergies over tummy, arms & legs.

  2. whites are not the only racists says:

    I have food allergies to several things (peanut, onion, soy, and beans/peas are the major ones) and was planning on going in the Army as an officer from ROTC. Would these allergies completely keep me from being able to join or can I get some sort of medical waver? I really don’t want to lie to anyone about it, but even then I always have an Epi-pen and some Antihistamine on me… Any thoughts? Thanks in advance…

  3. paragonflux says:

    dogs and cats just need some fresh, organic, pasture-raised meat. some veggies and some fresh water..anything with a brand on it will be CRAP!

  4. DJMidgeful says:

    Check out the special effects used on the dog in the recent Drontal TV ad for GMTV – really cool! The making of is definitely worth a look, check it out on YouTube under Drontal behind the scenes!!

  5. SuperBlammo says:

    Good info. Is this chick married ? I’d like her to scratch my ears.