self hypnosis to cure allergies

A little mental training could help relieve allergy symptoms.

Researchers recently discovered that allergy sufferers might be able to help quell their symptoms by picturing themselves symptom-free in a low-allergen environment. After two years of regularly practicing this kind of self-hypnosis, which they learned from a therapist, the study participants experienced significant improvement in their allergy symptoms.

You can practice self-hypnosis by seeking a quiet place and picturing positive images in your mind. For example, if you suffer from allergy symptoms, you could picture an allergen-free environment, such as a snow-capped mountain, and see yourself symptom-free in that environment. To try a more structured program of self-hypnosis to control allergy symptoms, seek out the help of a qualified therapist.

For self-hypnosis to really work, people must first achieve a state of deep relaxation in which they’ll be more open to suggestion. Typically therapists can help people achieve such a state, after which they will provide suggestions to help people gain conscious control over their symptoms. However, self-hypnosis or positive visualization are not replacements for traditional allergy treatments. People in the study achieved greater relief from allergy symptoms when they used self-hypnosis in combination with standard allergy treatments. Do not adjust the timing or dose of any of your prescribed medications without consulting with your healthcare provider first.

The Self-hypnotherapy method can help you to:

  • Heal depression.
  • Mitigate phobias and trauma.
  • Get over anxiety and panic attacks.
  • Release stress and negative beliefs.
  • Cure allergies and many food intolerances.
  • Heal your body & strengthen your immune system.
  • Easily manage your body weight through core changes at the sub-conscious level.
  • Overcome addictions like smoking, alcoholism, drug abuse, eating disorders, gambling and all obsessive behaviours.
  • Develop an authentic relationship with yourself, family, friends, associates and spirit.

Truly creative and intelligent thinking is brought about through harmony between your thoughts, emotions and actions.

Another Perspective (Self-empowerment to treat allergies)

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  1. Splash Log Level 2 Again says:

    I have mine at summer. Those allergies I mean are sneezing, stuffy/runny nose….those. By the way, does everyone have those seasonal allergies?

  2. paulkielsmithdotcom says:

    Good video David, as always. The truth about everything is finally here. Who we are, and where we are going. Peace and love

  3. Thanks for the tip – I have had allergy problems since I was very young. Over the years they got worse. I got the most relief by moving from home of Boston to new home of San Francisco. I still suffer from them though.

    I have begun your tapping and have many questions – like tap only on right side of body? You didnt seem to use your left hand?

    I will check your postings – meanwhile everyday tap with making me feel safe in the world


  4. nightcats says:

    Thank you so much. I am going to try this on my insect bite allergies.

  5. alienin2004 says:

    Hi, I am going to try these tips.
    My problem is that I have had allergies all my life and recently through NAET,TAT i have removed a lot of them but if i keep something for a week or two that allergy comes back. like if i drink cold water/cold drinks for a week I would get allergic to cold again. is there any solution to this?

  6. davidchilderley says:

    your allergies develop and hang around depending on what your beliefs. you believe you’ll always have them and that will be your experience. Join the myGenie site as there are hundreds of coaching videos to help you… best wishes 🙂

  7. ebonyangel88 says:

    U are so awsome…we here in california so need this….

  8. rocklee302 says:


  9. Are you telling me that if I do this that my allergy to cats and dogs WILL go away?

  10. confederateyankeegir says:

    Thank you so much!!!

  11. mariasotomayor58 says:

    Thank you David! I have a son that suffers Eczema and Allergic rhinitis, the skin allergy since he was born. I have allergies too itchy eyes and Allergic rhinitis. Should we use the same techinique and the same words as for the Hay fever?

  12. funtimebirdy1 says:

    Hi David,

    I do your abundance tapping everyday. It really really works. I love your tapping videos.

    I suffer from allergic Asthma is there a specific tapping I can use for this. I am trying so desperately to stop taking all the asthma drugs and would like a natural way to heal myself.