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  1. Marionroneedaney says:

    I noticed you were taling about food allergies. Well Latex Allergy is real also and it is a connection to Fruit Syndrome. Bottle nipple, pacifers, plastic forks & spoons, balloons, some plastic balls. Because she is young is more likely to become allergic to latex. Please check out my book Latex is not my Friend on You Tube- Allergies Latex. Take care she is beautiful.
    Marion Ronee Daney

  2. nicolegpep says:

    ah I’m so sorry for her allergy

  3. pureevilchloe says:

    her allergy is called lactose-intollarent
    i am so sorry that she has it as i have it and i am 14 yrs old- this is a magor disidvantage for me as i love coffie and people always make it with milk also i love ice cream but its realy hard to frin lactose-free ice cream =[

  4. lukygirl314 says:

    I know, it sucks doesn’t it… Krystal is also allergic to peanuts, shellfish and other stuff.

  5. pureevilchloe says:

    =[- she will get use to it just try to keep in mind not to eat the stff that she is allergic to constantly-like not eat them infrount of her because this will make her want to eat and try them more and it will then become really dificult for both of you

  6. ruxyruxforever says:

    Yeah this seems just as bad as our daughter having motion sickness…I did try to take ehr to as many trips as possible and just faced all the disadvantages myself (motion sickness can be too messy sometimes).I tried almost anything to ease it for her…the only thing we didnt try are the nausea wrist-bands because they don’t sell it in Romania

  7. lukygirl314 says:

    oh, I’m sorry to hear that. I bet if you check on ebay you will be able to find what you need.

  8. JoanneLovesSmileys says:

    woah i can understand you!!!!!!!