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  1. Jerosh Nagulachandran says:

    We thought I was lactose intolerance, but then i can’t drink Lactaid either? What other kind of issue could this be?

  2. Saturn357 says:

    Man..that nose is soooo awesome.

  3. sneezynaomi says:

    Thank you, you have a nose fetish too?

  4. Saturn357 says:

    Ohh, yes! I ordered your nose worship video. It was so awesome how big your nostrils got! I make nose fetish videos, too. Maybe I could do one of your nose? With a few graphics and some music, it would be great!

  5. sneezynaomi says:

    oh well I’ll be making a nose fetish store soon. I’ll post that link to you, only nose fetish stuff.

  6. Saturn357 says:

    Oh, great man! I’ll be looking forward to seeing it. I can’t speak for other guys, but I love to see nostrils flare and maybe sometimes nose play with nosehooks. But, mostly, if you’re nostrils are flaring that turns me on more than anything.

    What do you think about my offer? Or, you’d probably want to do it yourself, no?

  7. khatifabar says:

    is your nose pretty sensitive, like if somebody touches it, does it make you want to sneeze?

  8. i love when you sneeze and when you blow your nose Naomi

  9. tinyty216 says:

    in the end it is like u got to much pollen up ur nose