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  1. The Villain says:

    We’ve all been there. I got the common cold and it’s now at the point where my nose is so stuffed up to where I cannot taste anything I eat. Thus, making eating more of a chore then actually enjoying it.

    My question is: Are there any home remedies that I can possibly use to help aid in me being able to taste the food I eat?

    P.S.- My cold is not due to allergies but it was the closest category so I used it.

  2. dubmecrazy3 says:

    Had these since last friday. Really starting to bug me because I can’t sleep at night. I’ll randomly wake up and have a coughing fit. I went to the hospital last night to get it checked out and they ran a bunch of tests but they all came out negative, and the doctor said it was probably just a common cold or allergies.

    I also get a dry burning sensation in my nose that hurts pretty bad to the point I can’t stand it. It’s in my upper throat/back of nose. I’m constantly blowing my nose and if I’m not doing that sometimes it will just drip out of my nostrils, it’s clear and runny. I’ve been coughing up yellow stuff too. Any help?!

  3. XplicitzZ says:

    I’m travelling the day after tomorrow and I ahve a slight stuffy nose and headache, with parts of my face aching. I’m sneezing (its dry) maybe a few times an hour. I do occasionally have allergy.sinus issues, for which I am already taking alternative medicine. Any recommendations on what I should do to make sure I’m perfectly healthy for travel – already going to take vitamin C today etc.

    I don’t know if this is really relevant – but my period is just finishing.

  4. ibjammin44 says:

    For the past couple of days i’ve be both clear and yellowish greenish mucus so its hard to tell. One minute it’s stuffy 5 mins later it’s constantly running. I would get occasional headaches but i would get itchy throats in the mornings. My voice sounds very nasal. I also constantly sneeze. I already have eczema so i get skin reactions from certain allergens but i just can’t tell if this nasal allergies or common cold symptoms. Thanks!

  5. lucasg615 says:

    I currently have a presentation I am working on for my Pharmacy 1065 class covering “Over the Counter” medications (OTC). I am currently working on Cold, Flu, and Respiratory Products. One of the things my professor would like us to figure out is, “What are some of the common remedies you grew up with?” Maybe something your parents believed was the cure for the common cold, flu, or resolved allergies, and asthma. Some of the remedies I have heard about are “Drink a couple of hard shots of liquor to try and burn the cold or flu out of your system.” Another is the take a lot of Vitamin C, or Echinacea. Unfortunately the Echinacea has been proven not to work, and the vitamin C only helps a little bit according to some articles on One I heard about allergies is that if you eat a lot of foods that are grown locally to the area your currently living in will help you develop a tolerance to the pollens, and plant allergies of the area. Any thoughts would be help full.

  6. JDOGG1122 says:

    Every time I do the cardio exercises such as jogging or running, I will keep running nose and sneezing very badly. And this thing would last for about two days after the exercise. (with the help of common cold medicines). But clearly, this is not cold. All this thing is driving me crazy!

    Anyone knows what I might have got myself into? And what should I do?

  7. lets roll says:

    Ok so I have been hearing from various sources to use pure honey and cinnamon for various health benefits. I even read online,for cold,allergies,weight loss,cholestrol,and so on,so I thought I’d give it a try. I found detailed info telling me how much honey and cinnamon,and how to use it for whatever I want to use it for but other than it saying use pure raw honey,it does not tell what kind,it said use local for the best allergy benefits. But it never says any details as to where you use store bought or raw cinnamon then shave it or what. I went looking online to buy some honey and boy am I confused now. I do not know the difference between these honeys and which kind to use. I found blueberry honey,sourwood honey,orange blossom honey,wild flower honey,buck wheat honey,and a few more. they all say raw and pure. I read buckwheat is a aquired taste and not everyone likes it and that the wild flower and buckwheat are the most common,and that orange blossom is sweet,and I just want to know which kind I am supposed to get to use for this purpose or does it even matter,is honey just honey and it all comes down to my taste preference which then I have no clue,I have always just bought whatever the supermarket had.

  8. If sneezing is our body’s way of getting rid of bacteria or germs, and you hold it in, can you get sick from those germs? Like the common cold for example.

  9. Hey hey hey, take a gnader at what’ you’ve done

  10. GRIDKEEPER says:

    I’ve not had a cold for over 6 years.

  11. I just try to eat right and stay healthy by avoiding other sick people. If I do get sick it’s all about water, rest and using common sense. Kleenex’s Anti-Viral tissues can be helpful too since it kills 99.9% of the bug in the tissue. Other than that, I stick to vitamin C and wait it out

  12. skkorpius93 says:

    So a cold lasts for a week if i treat it and seven days if i dont? really?