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  1. lunalasnan says:

    you go lil sis. my son too has behavioral problems. i think he is allergic to something!

  2. The19thMile says:

    JOIN ME IN THE FIGHT AGAINST OBESITY. Check out feature video for details.

  3. AnnyaMoon says:

    Hello, I watched your 1st video about his and subscribed. You are right on.
    I also wanted to mention something drs wont tell you so they can get kids in for office visits for asthma:

    ANYONE with asthma should never eat the food color yellow #5 it will cause asthma reaction within 1 day and can last 2 wks.

    If you eat yellow #5 you will have an attack see for yourselves.

    I had a foreign specialist and it was written in a pamplet he gave me. My attacks went down 90% since I dont eat it.

  4. thanks for the info annya. i tried to send you a message but friend lock was on. thanks again. nan