Ancient Alternatives: Herbal Remedies For Allergies

4 Responses to Ancient Alternatives: Herbal Remedies For Allergies

  1. Bryan J says:

    I have outdoor/indoor allergies and I absolutely HATE them. Yesterday, I was filming a video. After the video, I got an allergy attack. I used Zyrtec but it didn’t help me out so much. Usually it works, but at times it doesn’t do anything to help me. Any suggestions on what pills to take for my allergies?

  2. healthconcern6333 says:

    I seem to have an allergy to the sun. Every time I go out into the bright sun I start to sneeze violently. Can you advise me what to do about this? Can you tell me what causes it?

  3. homelykudi says:

    has anyone gone to see victor shim and used his herbs…….for what problem and did they work? are they safe?

  4. lizeii22 says:

    good info ..Thanks

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