Down comforters or down alternative?

Are Down comforters allergic?

Down comforters seem to have the ability to complete your bed set. It is a well known fact that nothing quite says a luxurious bed room set like a beautiful, soft, fluffy down comforter spread heavenly across your bed. But for some unlucky people, owning one of these beautiful pieces of bedding may come with a price they can not bargain for.

Although down comforters are beautiful, allergic reactions from down can prevent a lot of us from experiencing there beauty and send us sneezing out the door whenever we are in the same room as one. But for all of us out there who suffer from allergic reactions to natural down, there is a solution or shall I say alternative.

[box]Alternative down comforters are for those who suffer from allergy attacks from down.

Alternative down is made from synthetic materials that provide the same installation as down.[/box]

Which is great but the best thing about alternative down comforters is that they can be just as or more luxurious than some down comforters.

It is hard for some people who have to live with various kinds of allergies especially when those allergies can be so crippling to the designs of your bedroom. Luckily, if you suffer from down allergies there is a solution. Not only are alternative down comforters a good choice for allergy suffers, it can be an inexpensive one as well.

Want to find a beautiful Alternative Down Comforters. Then go to Multi Shop Stop. There you will find all types of beautiful alternative down comforter. There line of Le Vele alternative down comforters come wrapped in an elegant box and gift bag.


  1. I want to get a down alternative comforter that is verry fluffy to put inside my duvet cover, what should I be looking for to read? I am buying it online so I cant physically feel it


  2. soccermaster1 says:

    I have a down-alternative comforter that I have used with a duvet cover for about 4 years. I’ve had it professionally cleaned once, and have washed it once or twice in a commercial laundromat. It seems like it’s flatter and that the “puffiness” is gone. What is the typical life-expectancy of a down alternative comforter? Thanks!

  3. I want a down alternative comforter that is extremely heavy, puffy, and like that of a cloud. Where can I find this without spending a fortune?
    This is my preference. Please don’t question why–completely unnecessary (answer below).
    I prefer it to be heavy.

  4. I love both of these plaid bedding but I am a girl and I am not sure what to put in my room with this bedding to make it match but also make it girly? Can you help and give links to decoration ideas? I have white bedroom furniture (daybead) and ill be painting it a new color and adding stuff, so what color should I make my walls?

    Here is the link for the plaid bedding:




  5. encyclopath says:

    What are the softest and most plush ( at a reasonable price ) comforters?

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