allergies asthma

Most people with allergy asthma know that when the pollen starts falling, things are going to get a little crazy. People with this condition have asthma that is triggered by pollen and particles floating around in the air. There isn’t much you can do about this during this time of year but take your allergy medication, and also the inhaler that you may use to control your asthma.

When you have this condition you may notice that you get it during certain times of the year, and that it may have different triggers. Pollen is not the only allergy asthma trigger. There are also other known triggers associated with this condition. You can be allergic to everyday dust found in your house. You could also have problems with mold in the air or even on foods. There are also many other things you can encounter in your everyday life that could trigger you allergy asthma. Allergy Asthma is not something that should be taken lightly as it could quickly develop into a life threatening situation. If you do not find out what triggers your asthma, you could inadvertently walk right into a death trap.

Asthma is something that will never go away. It would also be very hard to keep the dust and pollen out of your life as well so you may ask what you can do about it then. If this person is you, you need to get to a doctor and see if he or she has any suggestions on how to control it. The doctor will most likely prescribe a medication that will help control the attacks. Sometimes after being on the medication for awhile you will never have an attack again. If you can get the medicine you will be able to control it.

You don’t have to suffer because it is allergy season. You can control your asthma and still be able to enjoy the great outdoors. If the attacks prove to be that bad, you can ask for a stronger medicine that you can take twice a day to prevent attacks. You can also get an inhaler that you can take once a day, or at the beginning of attacks and feel better in a matter of minutes. The trick is to figure out if it is allergy asthma you have, so you can fix the problem.

Allergies asthma


  1. cddorcas1 says:

    I have cured my sinusitis with Organic Apple Cider Vinegar. Along with your ideas on supporting adrenal fatigue, I would suggest looking into using Organic ACV as a daily routine. 2tsp-2tbs 3X a day in 8-16 ounces of water, or in lemon ginger tea with unpasteurized honey. I began doing this about a year ago with oil pulling(swishing sesame, sunflower, or coconut oil 15 minutes 2-3X a day) and cured my tennis elbow, allergies, and arthritis. The oil absorbs through your skin under the tongue…

  2. ExplodingSilver says:

    @ Dan
    Youtube tip
    upload and set to private at first
    then test it works and even wait for the HD to kick in, then release it tot he public by changing for private to er public

  3. cddorcas1 says:

    and gets into the blood stream. Many plaques and toxins in your blood are not water soluble but are oil soluble. If you build up small amounts of oil in your blood stream you can help remove some of the plaques and toxins that have built up around your body when the blood flows over blockages. The oil pulling may take a few months, but within two weeks you will probably notice a difference in your energy levels and the whiteness in your teeth. Research Oil Pulling and Organic ACV benefits.

  4. Anythingwilldo41 says:

    Nice subject.

    I have Asthma ftl.

    But, I don’t use anything for it anymore. I got tired of using the inhalor every day, so I threw it away.

  5. Anythingwilldo41 says:

    Heres my 2cents.

    Don’t eat yogurt if you have asma.

    Yogurt causes me to wheeze/difficulty breathing for 2-4hours when I eat it.

  6. yogangel7 says:

    what a great message!

  7. viveleraw says:

    I am going to make 2010 my year of healing! I am excited for the new year! Thanks Dan!!

  8. Does brown rice cause congestion as well or is Dan just talking about the processed white grains?

  9. Thanks for this great vid, Dan. I´m not suffering of Asthma, but of massive hives since 8 years and I think your adrenal theory counts for me as well. I always avoid taking steroids as much I can. Water fasting doesn´t work for me yet, I´m too low on bloodsugar (I´m vegan btw, but not raw vegan only)

  10. ktomasz999 says:

    Purity is very essential.

  11. Avrilxxxmac says:

    I’m having trouble hearing this video! BOO HOO! 🙁

    Can everyone else hear it okay? I’m not on my own computer but I can hear the other video’s ok.

  12. MichaelTremLMT says:

    Very cool stuff Dan!!! I’m eating this up. Thank you

  13. SusanBessette says:

    These hi def videos are SLOW to download. Is it only me? We are traveling and I am using wifi at a B&B (because I still need my Dan-fix even on vacation). Hope this is a temporary problem. These long waits (up to half hour for a 10 min. program) might eventually alter my viewing habits; and I don’t want that.
    Thanks for the great shows.
    Happy New Year for health and prosperity.

  14. koaislove says:

    The doctrine of signatures huh…. That makes bananas good for….?

  15. Avrilxxxmac says:

    I’m home and can view the video perfectly 🙂

  16. RawLifeWorld says:

    I can’t wait for 2010, My new year relosution, raw all month and LOTS of juicing with my new hurom 🙂 Atleast one week of juicing in january 🙂

  17. My food allergies has gone since i started my raw food journy! 🙂 So I can eat everything now! 😀

    And i’m 23 years old and have during the last year got to be taller than I usually am. Funny ey? 🙂

    Raw food and Love is the answer! <3
    Amanda (Sweden)

  18. joyousabundance says:

    I’m spending my New Year’s Eve with you, my friend. I’m catching up on videos I haven’t had the chance to watch (’cause I was working – woohoo) and gearing up for a 97% raw 2010. Thanks for this.

  19. amethyst2466 says:

    You have such a big and caring heart, Dan. I Love you! Happy New Year!

  20. katiatomsk says:

    I have heard and seen that many times asthma is a result of being dehydrated. Clean water is something we lack in the modern world. The Juices will help rehydrate.

  21. RangRing68 says:

    Another big problem for me is nasel congestion while I am asleep. My wife tells me I sound like a diesel engine when i sleep. Often i wake up with a pounding heart and not enough assurance that i had achieved a normal nights sleep. What can I do to help me sleep soundly? Any help would be appreciated! Thank you Dan!

  22. kingskid29223 says:

    Awesome advice! I can attest to the fact that dairy causes congestion. I went off dairy completely last year for a month and had no more congestion problems!

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