Allergies abound in today’s health arena, for dogs as well as humans. There are a various causes for this, but in my opinion, there is only one maintaining cause, ie the reason it keeps going.

As a rule, allergies are showing that the sufferer has a very weak immune system. When you are considering feeding your dog a hypoallergenic dog food, you know that his immune system is at rock bottom.

I’m not going to address the possible causes here, but I am going to look at bringing your dog’s immune system up, so that he is no longer so sensitive.

Food is consumed every day. So food has the biggest impact on your dog’s health. Whatever the label may say, if you’re feeding your dog a commercial hypoallergenic dog food, then you’re contributing to his discomfort and ill health.

All commercial pet foods are basically the same:

  • over cooked, destroying vital nutrients
  • use of very low quality food, such as dead animals and high fat
  • use of any cheap filler to bulk it out
  • use of highly toxic preservatives – how else do you keep ‘meat’ products indefinitely, at room temperature

Each one of these aspects of commercial dog food will undermine your dog’s immune system. Bringing them all together ensures he can’t fight off any health issue that comes his way.

The best way to help bring up your dog’s immune system is to feed him as his ancestors fed – with raw meat and bones.

I’m not saying that by feeding your dog as nature intended he will necessarily completely recover from his allergies. But he’ll do a whole lot better than he will by feeding him a commercial hypoallergenic dog food.

There is no true holistic vet or animal therapist who doesn’t adhere to this policy.

Once you have his diet addressed and he’s been on it for enough time to see what it alone can cure, then it’s time to consider treatment.

Being a natural therapist myself (a homeopath), of course I’m biased! But I get a lot of animals come to me who vets haven’t been able to help. Once I get the dog on the natural diet, then the homoeopathic remedy of choice finishes the problem off. Without the diet, the remedy can only palliate.

What I’m really saying is that there is no such thing as hypoallergenic dog food. There is only good, healthy dog food and unhealthy dog food. You will never address a problem if you don’t look at the cause (which homeopathy does so well) and you don’t contribute to it.

Suppose you have a riot in the city (allergies). You can send in the police and the riot will die down (allergies seem to clear up). But underneath the unrest continues (the cause of the allergies hasn’t been cured), and the real reasons are left untouched, only to fester into a much worse state (now hypoallergenic). Homeopathy is akin to finding the cause of the riots and disturbances and dealing with those in a peaceful and constructive way. That is the true nature of cure. (See afternote.)

So don’t be taken in by the pretty words and smiling actors on a packet of commercial hypoallergenic dog food. It will do nothing to bring your dog’s immune system back up, which is the only way to help cure his sensitivities.

I consider there is only one type of healthy dog food, only one type which help restore even the sickest dog’s immune system. And that’s the one based on the natural diet of wild dogs.

The above example was written by Jeremy Sherr, a leading UK homeopath.

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