However little or too much food that you give yourself, it all boils down to the metabolism process. It is not right to starve yourself, but neither should you eat a lot. It is recommended that you just eat the right amount that will provide for your body’s needs.
Eat Little and Often
Eating small portions of your regular meals more often during the day is said to be better than devouring large amount of food during the times of the day when you ought to eat a lot.
The reason for this is because ten percent of the calories is being used by the body in digesting the food you ate and absorbing it further. In doing so, eating more frequently will really do your body good, as long as you keep the food intake minimal.
Small Portion Sizes
There is a vast diversity in the kinds of food available now for everyone to choose from. This causes more and more people to eat more than they should, not minding the calories that they give their bodies.
Even the portion sizes have increased nowadays. This fact can be proven by the study that was done by the researchers at the University of North Carolina. They found out that there is a significant change in the portion sizes of the key food groups in America between the years 1977 and 1996.Such change was brought about by people’s tendency to consume more salty snacks, beverages, burgers, fries and the likes than ever before.
The Size Matters
It is only typical for a person to eat everything that is on the plate, whether or not the stomach can take it in. This is because the body is psychologically set to finish off the food even if the stomach is already full.
There are studies being done that shows how people feel more satisfied when given lesser portions of food, as long as they eat often. Keeping your body healthy will also make you happy, so watch what you eat and as much as possible, try to boost your metabolic rate regularly.

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