There are many people who have the primary goal of weight loss and they turn to the lemonade diet to lose weight quickly. It has been stated that quick weight loss done happen, but it is not without great risk to one’s health. Many doctors have fought against these kinds of diets because there are individuals who can end up with life threatening situations after using these diets. The diet was not designed to be a weight loss diet, but because of the waste elimination, weight tends to be loss. The weight is considered to be a side effect to the cleansing process. It has been reported that individuals have lost 1-2 lbs a day.
The lemonade diet sounds like a good idea, but there are other things to consider when using this diet for any reason. The all natural maple syrup that is used in the lemonade is full of carbohydrates and sugar. It is called cheating if a person uses Splenda or Sweet’n’Low for the lemonade. It is said that the sweeteners are toxic to the body.
There have been some reports of great success with this diet as well. There have been claims that using this diet has relieved many individuals of the ailments that they have suffered from for years. Although there is no medical proof that the relief of these ailments is actually true, those that it has happened to insist that it is definitely true. There have also been reports that using this detox diet has cleared up allergies that has been suffered from for many years.
It is believed that if a person has any mucus related disease then it is quite likely that it was in something that was eaten. It is suggested that if an individual stops eating food that forms mucus, the diseases and allergies will go away. The dissolution of any kinds of deposits that may have settled and hardened in different areas of the body are gotten rid of with the process of the lemonade diet. It works on cholesterol as well.
This is a really great way to lose an extreme amount of weight before switching to a longer term sustainable way of eating. For example, a lot of people do the lemonade diet and then after a week they switch to the raw food diet. It also increases the chance that you can stick to your second phase diet permanently. Remember that the first couple of days can be hard: you may feel irritable and even have headaches. This is normal when the body is detoxifying itself but it will soon pass. And when you “break your fast” you need to ease back carefully into solid foods. The best way is to drink soup for the first day and then fruits on the second.
A headache is one of the side effects that were reported by many people. It has been said that the reason for the headaches is the large amount of caffeine that was being ingested. It is reported that the headaches last 3-4 days at the most. There is a silver lining; a way to break the caffeine habit. The lemonade diet will help flush that need for caffeine away along with all of the other toxins. It will provide the opportunity to find other ways of remaining alert and awake.

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