Most white-collars tried various slimming methods, however, in the end they find themselves fatter than before. If you study these methods they use, you would find that they follow mistaken ideas of slimming.

(1)Fat and plumpness are twin-brother, if one want to gain slim figure, he/she have to be isolated from fat.
Actually,fat does not always play a negative character in the process of weight loss. In-taken fat not only be transferred into fat of body, but also fatty catabolism can suppress compound of fat in body.
Maize oil and olive oil containing the unconjugated fat can reduce low density lipoprotein, which is ideal food oil for slimming. In addition, as we know the fats is not easy to be digested, so the one will take a little starch and snack. So taking suitable fat food will not effect one’s figure, but it is good for your health.

(2)Obesity is caused by the excessive nutrition, and it is wrong to take nutritious food.
In fact, obesity is not only attributed by nutrition accumulation, and to some extent, the key factor is lacking nutriments in diet to transform the fat into energy. The fat can be decreased with the energy in the body released, while it is needed to take multi-nutrition in the process of transforming the inner fat into various energy. The nutrition consist of vitamin B2, vitamin B6 and nicotinic acid. the foods full of these nutriments which rarely catch the eyes of the obesity are milk, all kinds of bean products, peanut, eggs, liver and meat. If the nutrition is deficiently-taken, it is not easy to transform the fat into energy, leading to the obesity caused by fat accumulation.

(3)Water puff up the body. You’d better not drink much water during the weight-loss.
Actually, only the scarcity of water can lead the demand from the body, which makes the fat accumulate easily in body, leading to obesity. It is quite possible to cause the disorder of metabolism of body owing to water insufficiency, with the result of absorbing more energy, releasing less. Therefore, for the dieter, it cannot reach the goal of weight-loss, but can cause greater damage to the health if drinking not enough water.

(4)Losing weight by pungent and hot food
According to some statistics,there are seldom fat people in some regeons,like Thailand and India. It is related to their daily habit of having pungent and hot food.Having hot foods can not only make them sweat easily but also let them feel full even though just take a little, therefore these food have a function of losing weight.
Nevertheless, losing weght by pungent and hot food will influence the normal work of stomach, furthermore, it can cause gastric hemorrhage. it will result in skin coarse and more acnes. So I t’s more a loss than gain.

(5)loseing weight by jogging half an hour everyday
You can lose weight by jogging 30 minutes everyday.Although it can have an effect of aerobics,the weight loss result is not so satisfactory.The fact has it that the fat inside our body cannot be consumed together with glycogen until the exercise time over 40 minutes.By the excercise time spending, the energy provided by the fat can reach to 85% of the total . Therefore it is evident that any exercise less than 40 minutes , no mater how intense, can not consume fat evidently.

(6)Dose weightloss by movement has the difference of being overall and parcial?
Weight loss by exercise could be ight of waist, “weight loss of buttocks”,”lose weight of belly” and so on.Can the partial movement reduce partial fat? Firstly,the total energy consumption of partial movement is small.It is easy to be tired tpartial or overall.We can always see or hear such words in some advertisement like “reducing wehus cannot persist too long. Secondly, the fat provides energy by controlling of endocrine regulation and nerves.Otherwise,this kind of adjustment is overall activity and cannot reduce parcial surplus fat which you want to lose. The good condition of blood providing can help the weight loss For example, after a period of exercise the one who want to lose weight find that his or her beltline hasn’t lose too much , insteadly,the face was getting smaller. It lies on the energy consumption is more than its taking .Thus it cannot lose weight of waist and belly while remaining other parts tha same as before.

(7)exercising on an emputy stomach is harmful to health.
People always worry about exercizing on an empty stomach will result in low sugar blood caused by big consumption of glycogen in our body ,feeling dizzy, nervous and tired,which is harmful to our health.But according to the research of Weiboo, Doc.of Aerobics Center in Dallas, having proper exercise,like walking,dancing,jogging,biking,etc. ,1 to 2 hours before meals will benefit to weight loss. there are no new fatty acid in fat cells so the surplus fat especially the fat after postpartum can be consumed

(8)No breakfast
Some people misunderstand that it can reduce the energy taking so that can reach a goal of losing weight without breakfast . Actually it is harmful to us. It not only do harm to our health but also influence the normal work of a whole day.

(9)Fixed recipe
While doing this can truly reduce intake of many things, but over time your body will lack a comprehensive nutritional ingredients. It is unhelpful to you.

(10)Do 20 minutes’ extra exercise , to burn the calories from overeating of desserts and other delicious food.
If you want to use up the calories from overeaten desserts, there is nothing bad about extending the time of aerobic exercise occasionally. However, if it becomes a habit, results can only be harmful. If you often use extending the time of exercise as an excuse for excessive eating, you actually have been placed in overtraining, your body have no enough time to recover from the fatigue of excessive training.

When the body can’t adapt to the exercising, it is rather difficult to reach the purpose of reducing fat. because over-exercise will cause the over-secretion of decomposing and metabolizing hormone, which is attached to the muscle and prevent muscle forming. In this case, those who frequently over-eat in a meal should take a little stronger excercise at the following aerobic training or reduce the calory intake at the next meal.


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