Masturbation is the sexual stimulation of one’s own genitals for sexual arousal or other sexual pleasure, usually to the point of orgasm. The stimulation may involve hands, fingers, everyday objects, sex toys or combinations of these. Mutual masturbation (mutual manual stimulation of the genitals between partners) can be a substitute for sexual penetration. Studies have found that masturbation is frequent in humans of both sexes and all ages, although there is variation.

Various medical and psychological benefits have been attributed to a healthy attitude toward sexual activity in general and to masturbation in particular. No causal relationship is known between masturbation and any form of mental or physical disorder. As per survey, 72% women finger their vagina while 89% men stroke their penis.

Views on Masturbation from Sexperts and Masturbators?

Many sexperts and people when asked questions about masturbation had different perceptions. A few excerpts of the same masturbation survey.

What is masturbation? Is it good or bad?

John: Masturbation is a common practice among teenagers. Masturbation is the stimulation of one’s own sexual organ by hand (or by other means) to ejaculate and get sexual satisfaction. Many youngsters start masturbation at a young age. They don’t know about its consequences are and they continue on this bad practice. Eventually they end up with many problem. Due to the nature of the problem they are not able to discuss it with any one, not even parents. Due to lack of knowledge, those little problems create serious problems in their life esp. in their youth period. Their behavior is changed altogether. Their performance in education is affected.

masturbationgoodorbad-healthpad.infoThey fail to give enough attention to their studies. Their behavior with females becomes somewhat strange and unnatural because they think they are not enough for them. They think that they can never have sex in their life. This creates a lot of frustration in their mind. They tend to satisfy their thirst for sex but they are unable to do so. They think they are in serious kind of disease ( this is mis education ) and try to find out cure in one way or another. They go to hakims to find some cure but they fail to help them. They consult doctors but they are of no help either. Their life is being affected in a bad way and no one no one knows about it. It becomes their only aim in life to find a cure for this problem and they put the rest of his work on stake. They fail to enjoy anything else in life. This creates a lot of space in their mind. Their brain is open to all kind of wrong ideas. They are alone in this fight against their sexual problem and they try to solve it all on their own. Unfortunately our society is not so open to discuss these issues in public. Our parent are shy and do not discuss sex education with their children. I have made this page for those brothers who have fallen into the habit of masturbation. They do not know what it is and how it can affect their health late in their lives. This page is basically to provide sex education to young teenagers from 12 years and above in Pakistan and to the people of the world. If you are at least twelve years old please keep on reading. This page is for you. These pages do not contain any sexually explicit material and is safe for you to read it.

Besides discussing masturbation in detail i will discuss sex education briefly for teenagers. I will try to simplify things by question and answers type format so that the text is to the point and easy to understand.

When does youngster start Masturbation?

Mathew: Youngsters normally discover masturbation at a young age as 12-15. But it various from person to person. The actual date of starting the masturbation in youngsters depends on the family trend. Like in some families younger reach adulthood at the age of 9 and in some they become adults as late as 16. The body trends can be a good indication of a person being adult. Note that younger girls also obtain puberty at the same age. By the way do you know that girls also masturbate? Yes they do!

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Is masturbation harmful?

Ismail: This question may not be important to every one esp if you have not started masturbation or you do not do it frequently. However if you are very excited about sex (and masturbation), you should bear in mind that masturbation is harmful. This question is quite controversial because many people including doctors say it is not harmful at all and as a matter of fact they say it is very healthy. But there are a lot of other people like ‘hakims’ and common people who say it is harmful. Knowing the point of views of both the people and being a person who has been affected by it, i can tell you that masturbation is harmful. However i do not want you to get scared of it. The harmful effects of masturbation are slow and spans on a long duration of time. Say if you are masturbating 2 times a day every day for two years, you will get yourself in trouble. Only then will you know that you got some problem because of masturbation. Bear in mind that I DO NOT support hakims. If you have already got problems with masturbation, You should consult sexologist or doctor.

The harmful effects of masturbation include discharge of semen when you think about girl, reduction in penis size, tapering of penis in the base, reduced erection size, reduced amount of orgasm and the worst of all premature ejaculation. All of these problems are a big problems by themselves but thinking that they all are caused because of too much masturbation, i will say that masturbation is harmful.

malemasturbation-healthpad.infoNow there is a question, i masturbate for a long period of time and am continuing it without any worried and one day i found out that i have all these problems (that i leak when i think about girls and my penis has shrinked in the base and i ejaculate too early and can not control my self). In my case I was totally ignorant of the effects of masturbation, I found out when a friend of mine told me about this which scared me to death. He gave me a pamphlet which said that ever masturbation will cause these problem and you will not be able to satisfy your wife and hence it will cause your marriage to break. At this i was scared to hill because i used to masturbate. When i went home and i thought about girl and thought about checking myself ( even though i was scared because i did have that problem what would i do?). I check the tip of my penis scarily and i noticed that i was leaking. Then when i had looked at my penis, it had also shrunk in the base. Eventually everything that was their in the pamphlet came out true for me. So in my case it was ignorance and lake of sex education. Secondly since i never had any sexual activity with any one i did not know much about it. Hence i would the big culprit in this case is ignorance. You are doing something and you do not know its effect because either you just enjoy it and no one else informs you about that. No one ever told me a single word about sex because our society ( Pakistan ) is not that much open. Parent never talk to their children about sex and they are very easy victims of this kind of problems. So you better talk to your parents or try yourself to get some knowledge about it.

Now the harmful effects of masturbation are not just restricted to those physical problems that i have discussed. It also effects memory. It will also effect your social behavior because you would tend to be isolated and lonely. Eventually if you fall into all this problems there will be a new kind of world for you, which will not be a reality. Your world will be full of frustration. All you will think about is that you are not enough for a girl and you will never be married. I have been through all this and I do not want anyone to go in that direction. It is better to educate yourself about it.

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Lastly if you masturbate do not think that you will get weak and lean ( slim). Infect you will look perfectly alright. You could get lean and weak if you have some other personnel problems that you are worried about. But bear in mind that masturbation alone will not make you lean and weak. And since you are in puberty which is the period you are full with energy, you will never notice these things. The best you can do is try to stop masturbation. This will be extremely good for you older life and for your sex life after marriage.

This question my not be important to every you if you have just attended puberty. But this is important in a sense that if you are aware of the facts you will be more caution in your future. Yes masturbation can be harmful to your health. Now when i say health, i am not discussing your health from the point of view that you will become meager and slim so that every one will guess you have masturbation. Infect you will appear pretty much ok. However internally you will ge getting weak. It also has diverse effect your memory.

If it is harmful to body, in which way it is harmful?

Chloe: Due to excessive masturbation, your penis becomes weak. It starts to leak semen whenever you think of a girl. If you start copulating with a girl you will discharge so quickly that it will not be acceptable to the girl. You will not able to enjoy your sex life because you would not be able to hold yourself during sex. You will try to find some means so that you do not ejaculate. Masturbation affects your penis size also. Your penis becomes narrow at the base. It becomes much softer. It looses its hardness. Its size diminishes and so does its erection. It is a great handicap for many men. The lower back of your body becomes weak also. You are not able to stand for a longer time. Your legs are weakened like wise. You feel pain in your legs, if you stand or play for a longer period of time. Your stamina is decreased.

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Does masturbation has any effect on brain also?

Denise: Yes. Although not directly. It does affect your brain in one way or another. For example it decreases your memory power. You seem to forget things that you should remember. You become uncertain about many things. You can’t remember dates and events exactly. You are not sure whether you have locked the door or not. You mind becomes a sort of uncertain. You think that you can not marry. It devastates your life.

Does masturbation has any other bad effect besides these?

Martin: Yes, the points I just mentioned is only the beginning. After you are inflicted with these problems, an problem starts: how to cope with this issue. You think that you are not enough for a girl ( you can not satisfy a girl sexually), you start to stay away from girls but it doesn’t solve your problems because they are meant for you. You want to talk to a girl but you can’t talk. You can’t express yourself. You are coping with this issue only on your own, hoping that someday i will get fine and be able to marry happily. You think that even if you marry your wife will get divorce from you or she will not care about me because you will be no good to her. All these thinking in mind decreases your efficiency a gret deal. You are not able to concentrate on your studies as a result you do not get enough marks. You end going to a poor university. Your career is greatly affected. You are entangled in problem after problem while the actual problems remain steadfast on it’s place.

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I want to masturbate badly what shall i do?

Greg: If you want to masturbate badly, you can masturbate. Infact it is better to masturbate. It keeps you away from committing a bigger sin. Masturbation is a healthy thing if you do it only to satisfy your needs and do not make it your habit. But the fact is, it can become your habit.

How often can a man masturbate?

Michele: Some masturbate every day some twice every day, some once every weak and some once every month. The real frequency of masturbation various from person to person. However if you masturbate twice a day, this is too much and can put you in severe problems. My husband masturbates twice a day when I am away on official trips.

Does masturbation affects the penis size?

Tony: When i started masturbation i thought it was increasing my penis size. But i never heard of it from any one else. It doesn’t increase or decrease the penis size, I think. The fact that you penis grows at a rapid speed in your early teen years may think you that way.

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Does masturbation effects height?

Mikashi: This question can arise among teenagers because they grow during this period rapidly. There is not good proof that masturbation affects the height of a person and masturbation by itself does not affect the height at all. However when you take a cold bath and you masturbate, the combination of hot and cold can make your growth slow. You body gets hot during masturbation while the cold water makes it cool.I would say one should avoid this.

Is masturbation leading to erectile dysfunction ?

Ravi: Yes…I am 24 year old male. I used to masturbate once daily for the past 8 years. Now i think i acquired impotence (i cant get erections without stimulation and they are weak). I learnt from some site on the net that it is due excessive masturbation. But I am getting nocturnal erections (aka Nocturnal Tumenescience) therefore I think it is psychological impotence rather physical ( I need more clarification on that). Is there any chance if my condition would improve.

Q & A on Masturbation

Q: Irregular menstruation after masturbation ?

Dee: I first had my period when I was 12, and it has been quite regular. It became irregular for some months, but my mother claimed it to be just because I was still young and I still had time for it to settle down. I began to masturbate some years later (rubbing only) and my period has been extremely irregular. Whenever it does come it is particularly heavy and continues on for sometimes longer than one week, in between periods can also be up to 3-5 months, if so longer. I have not had any sexual intercourse, just masturbation. is my irregular menstrual cycle related to masturbating?

A: Dee, your menstruation is controlled by your hormones. Masturbation does not affect the hormones that control your cycle. So NO, masturbation and orgasm does not affect your menstruation, ovulation or any part of your menstrual cycle.

Some girls seemingly start their flow a bit earlier or bleed a little bit later if they orgasm right before or after their menstrual flow. The reason is that the contractions of the uterus during orgasm will push out some ‘lose’ blood. This is however not what you are describing.

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Your mom is correct. During puberty your cycles can be very irregular and unpredictable. For most girls it will however become regular after a while. After a few years, having cycles that are 3 months long is however not natural. Of course there are many other factors that can affect your cycles as well: Low BMI, low body fat, super fitness, strenuous exercises, poor health, poor nutrition and others.

Talk to your mom again. If you are worried about it, a doctor should take a look at your hormone levels to make sure everything is fine and there is not some problem.

Best of luck!

Comment below with your personal masturbation experiences and its effects on your health and your emotional quotient.

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