treating autism

Autism is a group of disorders related to development in person. The autistic affected person has problems related behavior, communicating with others and social movement in groups. Autism is usually diagnosed only when a child reaches three years of age and begins to show certain changes in the behavior and learning ability. Still in certain cases even when the child is in infant stage you can find the symptoms of autism such as lack of proper crying, not reacting to touches and meticulously fussy and doest have eye contact with others, etc.

Tests to be done:

Doctors do the following medical tests to find out if a child is suffering from autism:

  • Tests to find out food allergies.
  • Tests to find out the presence of heavy metals.
  • Vitamin analysis to find out any lack of any particular vitamins in the body.
  • Neurotransmitter test.
  • Level of Histamine, Candida, fatty acids and amino acids in the blood.
  • Test to evaluate immunity function and any imbalances in chemicals called T-helper-1/T-helper-2 cytokines.
  • Test to find the proper function of Intestinal obstruction.
  • Test to find any viral or fungal infection in the body.
  • Test to find the antibodies in the immune system.

The food allergy test that is taken will help both the parents and the doctor to sort out the allergic foods so that it can be avoided on the child as it may cause some digestive troubles.

Amino Acid tests are done to test for any deficiency in neurotransmitters which are helpful in co-ordination of hand and brain like block building, sensitivity towards chemicals, etc. These tests also show nutritional imbalances.

Tests for heavy metals will be very helpful to find out if there are any toxins like arsenic, mercury, lead, etc. So that, that particular element can be avoided through food or water.

Vitamin analysis test will also be helpful in including or avoiding any particular vitamin that are lacking or is more.

Neurotransmitter test is helpful in showing any particular imbalance in the brain’s chemistry which is the major impact on the behavior of the brain. Autistic Children usually have a chemical called Candida more in the intestine and very low level of essential fatty acids in their body.

Treatment methods to be opted:

The parents and doctor of each autism affected child should discuss and decide upon what type of Curative treatment should be followed for that particular child. Because each autistic child is different from the other like how normal child is different from the other. After proper analysis for any nervous imbalances and immune imbalances and proper method of treatment is sort out.

These tests are done and proper treatments are recommended by doctors and now-a-days even pediatricians specialize in this particular field of autism and they can recommend best treatment for your child who has the particular symptom of autism so that they can lead a normal life.

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