Bed bugs are blood sucking insects and can play villain’s role in ones life quite easily. Because they do not need any welcome from people before infesting their homes. These unwanted parasites habitually live in warm environments of your house such as carpets, beds, furniture draperies and couches. These small parasitic insects live on blood of flea but prefer to feed on human blood.

It is a general public notion that bed bugs bite, which is totally incorrect. In actual, bed bugs do not bite and they just prick the human skin with their long beaks. Afterwards, they use the same elongated beak like a straw and enjoy the prey’s blood as their favorite drink. Bed bugs are like wingless mosquitoes with no capability of transmitting diseases. Bed bugs release a mild anesthesia type of chemical during bloodsucking, which results in itchiness and swelling wounds on that body area.

But it is an excellent idea to follow the warning, which says “Don’t allow Bed Bugs to bite”. Bites of bed bugs are quite risk-free. But people feel embarrassment of having bites’ marks on their body. Secondly, bites of bed bugs also cause loss of sleep, which ultimately results in health risks. Not allowing the bed bugs to bite you can help you in avoiding skin irritation as well as all probable infections from bites of other insects. Not to allow them to bite is just impossible without appropriate measurements like pesticide sprays.

Now question is how can we stop bed bugs from biting? These are small enough that we can not see them with naked eye. So, you can look into your furniture and bed mattresses with magnifying glass. The best time for this activity is night because bugs are nocturnal insects and normally hide during daytime. These are flat and round shaped parasites of brownish color. When bed bugs suck human blood and do not bite at all then what’s the purpose of warning “Don’t allow Bed Bugs to bite”? So, this phrase seems just like a childish rhyme. This slogan is quite superficial in order to warn public of the parasitic insects like bed bugs.

This saying has no factual structure and it can only be used to tell public about the presence of bed bugs in their beds. The actual way to take this saying seriously is that you should look for bed bugs residing in your house and remove them. If the infestation of bed bugs is out of control then hire the services of expert personnel from pest controlling companies. Once you hired the services of a professional then bed bugs will completely and surely be eliminated from your house.

Numerous hotels also use this saying “Don’t allow Bed Bugs to Bite” to show off their neat and clean bugs-free environment. However, there are numerous examples showing that mostly hotels may do execution at times. Do not take this saying literally but just as advice to be aware of bed bugs.

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