self hypnosis to cure allergies

A little mental training could help relieve allergy symptoms.

Researchers recently discovered that allergy sufferers might be able to help quell their symptoms by picturing themselves symptom-free in a low-allergen environment. After two years of regularly practicing this kind of self-hypnosis, which they learned from a therapist, the study participants experienced significant improvement in their allergy symptoms.

You can practice self-hypnosis by seeking a quiet place and picturing positive images in your mind. For example, if you suffer from allergy symptoms, you could picture an allergen-free environment, such as a snow-capped mountain, and see yourself symptom-free in that environment. To try a more structured program of self-hypnosis to control allergy symptoms, seek out the help of a qualified therapist.

For self-hypnosis to really work, people must first achieve a state of deep relaxation in which they’ll be more open to suggestion. Typically therapists can help people achieve such a state, after which they will provide suggestions to help people gain conscious control over their symptoms. However, self-hypnosis or positive visualization are not replacements for traditional allergy treatments. People in the study achieved greater relief from allergy symptoms when they used self-hypnosis in combination with standard allergy treatments. Do not adjust the timing or dose of any of your prescribed medications without consulting with your healthcare provider first.

The Self-hypnotherapy method can help you to:

  • Heal depression.
  • Mitigate phobias and trauma.
  • Get over anxiety and panic attacks.
  • Release stress and negative beliefs.
  • Cure allergies and many food intolerances.
  • Heal your body & strengthen your immune system.
  • Easily manage your body weight through core changes at the sub-conscious level.
  • Overcome addictions like smoking, alcoholism, drug abuse, eating disorders, gambling and all obsessive behaviours.
  • Develop an authentic relationship with yourself, family, friends, associates and spirit.

Truly creative and intelligent thinking is brought about through harmony between your thoughts, emotions and actions.

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