Would you like to really know what it really means to be Fit ? Well, I will go straight to the point, and I am sure you will be surprised.

Fitness is a lifestyle. It’s about having a certain mindset, a certain attitude towards yourself.

Yes, it’s about having the body and health you want, but it’s first and foremost loving yourself

deeply from the inside. It’s about knowing who you are really. True fitness is about growing mentally, physically and spiritually. So, Fitness is not something that comes quickly. It’s the result of a complete transformation of your inner being and the sum of daily positive and healthy habits.

The 3 main components of fitness are healthy eating, adapted exercise and fine tuned supplementation : Eating several times a day (5 to 6 times idealy), the right portions (use the size of your fist) and the right nutriments are prerequisites(i.e non-processed food,fresh fruits and vegetables, lean proteins, not cutting out carbs, drink enough water, add lots of whole cereals,having proteins and complex carbs at each meal, etc). Always eat high quality and fresh food (forget about prepared or packed meals). Remember that nutrition is 50% of your physical shape.

Another thing you might not know, is that your glycemic level has a direct effect on how your body stores fat : the higher the glycemic level, the more fat you will store and the more you will weaken your metabolism. So keep eating low glycemic foods and lean proteins (egg whites, poultry breast, fish). Try to eat 15% essentials faty acids, 35% proteins and 50% carbs. All this will help train your body to use food and not store fat.

Another thing to know, and this is very important, is to know that we are all unique individuals; what this means, is that not all people have to train the same way. You must train according to your body type. And then combine three different types of trainings according to your body type.

Fitness equals working on the internal aspects and external aspects of yourself. Usually, you only think about the external aspects. But you have first to become the person inside that you desire to reflect on the outside. That’s why the work on the “inside” part is the key to success, and why usually diet plans fail.

Personal growth and attitude are essential to succeed in fitness. The “spiritual” part refers a lot to true happiness,I mean the real feeling of peace and love from the inside out.

To help you on your way, I will give you some tips to start from: first, let’s talk about habits : you will not reach fitness in one day and the new lifestyle it requires will not come in one minute either. You have to install new positive habits each day.You have to be mentally prepared and this takes some time and work!Once you are truly committed to fitness, you will experience three phases you must master :

one is the motivation phase, where you will be super charged with energy and happy to undertake what you decided to. This phase is usually the easiest one;

the second phase is the discipline phase, where your motivation starts to fade away. This is the most critical part. Your body hasn’t yet accepted the new habits, so it tries to keep you away from going forward. In this phase, you must be disciplined and not listen to your negative or restraining feelings. You must hold onto your vision, as you not yet see the results you are waiting for. Just control your mind and keep going, whatever your thoughts are;

the third phase, is the rewarding phase : here you start seeing your first results…and your motivation comes back! It’s a sign your body has accepted your new programming. Your feelings are now positive and you enjoy your new state of being.

It’s all about patience and having strong faith in what and why you undertake what you envision. New habits don’t come quickly, but think about the rewards they bring! One key factor to stay motivated and to manifest what you truly desire is to strongly believe in yourself and your potential. You can make it! Practice daily positive affirmations, imagining yourself in the new situation and enjoying this future state (i.e feeling healthy, full of energy, having a beautiful body, etc.). Put all your energy and intention into your fitness and it will come you back!

I hope you enjoyed to learn a little bit more about real fitness, and hope this will serve you to

become really fit, full of energy, vitality and happiness. Now you should have the clues to

live a balanced life grow physically, mentally and spiritually!

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