Allergy is the hazardous reaction of body against certain particular substances either in environment or in the daily intake. The adverse reaction of these unwanted substances is expressed by showing major display of allergic rash and symptoms in the body. Depending on the intensity of allergic reactions, the symptoms can be categorized in three groups: mild, moderate and severe. These allergens which cause allergic reactions in the body are termed as pathogen. The widely known pathogens are pollens, dust mites, danders of animals or of birds, molds, and certain foods like sea foods, and shell foods like eggs. People who are prone to allergy are called a topic. In brief, it is a complicated process to know all about allergy causes and treatments that needs individual treatment concept. The allergies may cause so many kinds of side effects, which may worsen the person’s health. Allergies are more common during the winter and spring season.

Common allergy causes

Hereditary is the main cause of allergy. If parents have affected by allergy then children may also affected by it. But it is not necessary that you will definitely get it. Foods that people are most commonly allergic to are milk and other dairy products, eggs, wheat, soy, peanuts and tree nuts, and seafood. Some food allergies can be serious; many symptoms are like an itchy rash, a close nose, and food poisoning. Allergy reactions in many peoples are through the insect bites. Environmental allergens, they are the most common allergens. Some examples of Environmental allergens that can cause allergies in people are dust mites mold spores; animal hackles and spore from grass, and trees. Some medicines are also cause of allergic reactions. Chemicals which are used in the cosmetics and detergents are also causes of allergy.

Symptoms of Allergy:

The most common allergic stimulation of health system are asthma, hey fever, allergic conjunctivitis, and allergic eczema. Although there are different treatment procedures of allergy, medication, herbal treatment and natural medicine like diet and yoga has earned considerable popularity all over the world.

Treatment for Allergy:

Allergy treatment aims at achieving a certain balance: avoid or minimize contact and treat symptoms with the least potent yet most effective medication. Treatment varies with the severity and type of allergy symptom. No treatment will work as well as simply avoiding the allergen in the first place. For more severe reactions, see a doctor; don’t attempt to treat yourself without medical consultation. A number of energy-based treatments are effective at treating allergies. These treatments have in common the fact that they are relatively new in the medical field, and all use some aspects of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) such as acupressure. Body cleansing is an extremely important part of every prevention and treatment. Several allergy reactions require treatment right away such as for shell fish allergies or nuts where one’s breathing pipes lines will close and literally you will be out of oxygen. You can save your or someone else’s life by getting immediate allergy treatment as the symptom occurs or sometimes people carry on them drugs and shots that will provide the required allergy treatment.

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