Keeping your home clean is important. Many people clean their bathrooms, kitchens, and bedrooms but never focus on the one item that is always in your area and can never be clean for a long time. That item is the air. An in-home air purifier will keep your home clean of pathogens and toxins that could cause you to become ill or suffer from your allergies.

3M Filtrete purifiers are one of the best air purifiers that money can buy. There are many different purifiers that 3M offers, however, they list all of their pros and cons on their website. Some of their filters are better than others, and the general rule applies that the more money that you spend, the better results that you will receive. In order to buy the model that you want, you will need to contact a store that stocks the 3M Filtrete air purifiers, as 3M does not sell them directly to consumers.

Another acceptable air purifier is the IQAir HealthPro. This air purifier is great at cleaning the air of any allergens or pathogens that are floating around. This option is going to be the most expensive over any other options, however, it is well worth the additional cost. Wired Magazine and Consumer Reports are great fans of using the IQAir HealthPro in your home. It uses a four in one filter technology that will make sure any potential pathogen will be unable to escape. HEPA filters and carbon activated filters will grab onto the potential problems when they float through the machine.

The AllerAir 4000 is a machine that can make you feel better with just a few minutes of air circulation. Unlike many machines that only will service a small area, the AllerAir 4000 can clean up to 1200 square feet of space with a single unit. This is one of the largest coverage areas of any unit that you can find on the market today. Also, the price of the AllerAir is actually much more affordable than so many other air purifiers on the market. Sure, these other purifiers might do a great job at making sure that you air is clean, but they will only keep a much smaller area purified. You will need a more powerful air purifier in order to clean the air of the larger area. The AllerAir 400 also has a four in one filtration system, making sure that your air is treated through a variety of different filters, including a HEPA air purifier for your home.

Whether you choose a 3M Filtrete purifer, the IQAir HealthPro or the AllerAir 4000 you should be able to find an air purifier that meets the coverage needs as well as price wishes that you have. Do not settle on any air purifier, only get the best air purifier for your home!

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