No Results from Workouts- 6 Reasons You are not Losing Weight

Once you have decided on making fitness your priority, you were all set and optimistic about weight loss and looking fit in sometime. The first few weeks or even months were awesome! You had everything done in the right direction. You also felt really great about flexing your muscles, moving your long still body, and had tall aspirations to see yourself in a fitter avatar soon. You really looked forward to significant amount of weight loss and had dreams to be fit into your favourite dresses. But soon, the dream, aspirations, and hopes were shattered! There came a point of stagnation where you stopped losing weight.

This is true for most individuals who take to exercises and physical workouts with great enthusiasm. However, it is not wise to let that plateau discourage you! This may sound a little cheesy but this is essentially a great prospect to re-evaluate and reorganize your weight loss and fitness plan.

What is the problem in your workouts ?

Well, there are certain things you may be doing wrong. You need to find these out and fix them as soon as possible. Here’s what you may be doing to stagnate your weight loss frequency:

The Problem: Repetitive Schedule

Are you doing too much of the same thing? Although, it is good to determine your fitness passion, (aerobics, weight training, Zumba, yoga, indoor cycling, barre classes, running etc., but if that is all you keep on doing, the body would stop reacting after a certain point of time. un short, the body changes you were making will significantly drop off.

The Fix: Try something new!

Yes, this is precisely the solution. In case, your muscle tone is more, you need to add some strength based workouts. For improving flexibility, go for yoga. Lastly, if your goal is to achieve what you haven’t so far, then you need to do something you haven’t done ever before.

The Problem: No Challenges

Another problem is that you aren’t challenging yourself enough. A lot of studies have revealed that what really matters is the intensity of a workout more than its duration especially when it comes to weight loss. As mentioned above, human body adapts to the same routine fast regardless of how rigorous and beneficial it is.

The Fix: Challenge YourselfNo Results from Workouts- 6 Reasons You are not Losing Weight 1

So instead of mixing things up with a different type of cardio, running intervals, high-intensity interval training etc., go for a totally different workout of the same intensity. Weight lifters should switch over to heavier weights. Also alternating workouts between light, medium, and heavy days will provide you with incredible best toning results.

The Problem: Food Intake vs. Calorie Burn

You would not be losing weight if you overeat. Overeating for your calorie burn is the biggest blunder most weight watchers make. The cool calorie calculating gadgets may ditch you at some point.


The Fix: Watch Out your Diet

It is crucial to make a more conscious effort to clean up your diet and watch your portions, even remember that liquid calories count. A trick is to keep good watch over your nutrition. You need to eat every meal and snack sitting down. The idea is to savour each bite to be able to conquer unnecessary food cravings. It is very common for most individuals to forget calories consumed on the move.

The Problem: Too Tired

Are you too tired or overstressed? If yes, your body will never to the positive impact of exercise.

The Fix: Sleep Well

The solution here is essential for muscles to heal after a harsh sweat session, and stress can wreak havoc on hormones. Hence, you must try to get a minimum of 7-8 hours of sleep daily at stretch. This is only how you would be able lose weight in a better way.

The Problem: Sit Too Much

If you are sitting around too much besides when you are not in the gym, it is a big problem. This is one of the worst evils among smoking, alcohol etc. This will harm your body more than anything else. So it is almost impossible for you to get rid of lower body fat.

The Fix: Get Going

The best solution here is to get up and start moving. You must leave your desk job every two to three hours to accelerate the weight loss process. Also keep stretching while at desk.

The Problem: Too Hard

The problem is that you are too hard on yourself. Keeping expectations high and not having time to relax will hinder the process of weight loss.

The Fix: Let your Hair Down

You need to learn to let your hair down and enjoy your victories other than weight loss. Depression and anxiety will not let you lose weight easily. So feel good and start enjoying life to lose more weight.

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